Maternity Gifts - Cool and Fun Maternity Gift Ideas

Pregnancy opens an entirely new door to gift ideas. If you're wondering what to get for that special expectant mom in your world, check us out for some great gift ideas. Actually, pregnant women are easier to buy for than you might think. There are always lots of things pregnant women either want or need - things that will make them feel pretty or pampered, or things that help them over a hump emotionally.

Pampered and Pretty

What woman doesn't love to be pampered? Pregnancy is a time when pampering is longed for, especially since it can be particularly difficult to feel good about things when the body hurts. A spa day may be just the gift for her - a massage, a facial, pedicure and manicure - there's nothing like pampering to make a woman feel feminine and relaxed. Other types of pampering gifts might be a lovely basket filled with delicious things for the bath. Foot scrub, bath salts, belly cream, and a nice smelling lotion for after bath can be just the ticket.

Clothes, Food, and Cozy Things...Umm

A practical gift for any expectant mother is maternity clothes. Building a new wardrobe of maternity clothing can be overwhelming. A fun maternity gift could be a spa day that is topped off with a gift certificate to a great maternity shop where she can purchase a trendy maternity hoodie and leggings, or some sort of lounge wear. There's no doubt she'll love it.

Now, here's a really cool maternity gift - if you know she's been craving certain foods during her pregnancy, make her a food craving basket filled with the things she's been hankering for, or buy her a gift certificate to a restaurant that serves the food she's craving. She'll eat until her heart's content and be grateful to have eaten her fill.

Some really cool mommy gifts include things that make for comfort. Pregnancy pillows, fuzzy slippers or a Turkish robe are all great gifts for before or after the baby is born. When she's pregnant, finding a place to sit or lie down that affords comfort and relief is challenging, especially as she gets farther along in her pregnancy. After the baby is born, those cozy and comfy items provide the same sense of ease and comfort they did during her pregnancy.

Cast in an Image...

There are lots of great fun maternity gifts available for the pregnant woman. How about a belly casting kit? That way she can take a cast of this special time in her life and create a keepsake by capturing the beauty of her body during pregnancy. It's a novel and original gift with a lifetime of appreciation attached to it.

In the months leading up to the birth of the baby, an expectant mother is digging and researching everything she can to make sure she's up on all the latest information. Most women want to go into motherhood well prepared and having great books or a magazine subscription to a popular parents magazine is a gift that keeps on giving. She'll glean helpful tips and have articles on hand that will be a help in the days ahead.

What About Dad?

Let's not forget the expectant father. Great gifts for new dads are pretty easy to find as well - especially if this is his first baby. A picture frame, either handmade or personalized keeps the faces of his special people right where he can see them. A masculine back pack can serve as his own special diaper bag for those times when baby is hanging out with dad. If you're part of a group who is chipping in for a special gift, why not get him a rugged jogging stroller. It isn't for sissies and he'll appreciate having a vehicle to get his little one out into the fresh air.

The ideas are endless. Any one of these gift ideas will be gratefully received, we're sure of it.  Most of them can also serve as great shower gifts or gifts for weddings as well.

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