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After you've sorted through all of the great outfits your friends and family left on your doorstep when you announced your pregnancy, you'll probably determine you need to buy a few items of your own. Since we're all built differently and have different tastes, we may find that the chartreuse cardigan that looked super on your redheaded friend doesn't quite pick up your skin color the same way. No worries - there are many places you can shop to find great deals on maternity clothing, both in person and on the net.

Two of Our Favorite Places to Shop

We'll start with two of the most popular places to shop - whether you're pregnant or not. Old Navy maternity has an excellent selection of maternity dresses, tops, pants, maternity bras, and lingerie. You can find just about anything you want in Old Navy's maternity section, at prices that are easy on the pocketbook and quality that is quite good. The other standby is the Gap, and Gap Maternity has the hip and trendy maternity items that make for a great wardrobe. True to form, Gap Maternity prices are reasonable and the quality is good. You can't go wrong looking for your basics and jazzy tops to round out your wardrobe at the Gap Maternity.

Destination Maternity - The Biggest in the World

The largest maternity clothing retailer in the world is Destination Maternity Corporation, which began in 1982 and has grown to over 1,000 locations. They carry all of the designer maternity lines and feature up-to-the-minute fashion for the pregnant woman. Check them out for your maternity dresses, maternity bras, and plus size maternity clothing as well. Another chain that has gained a tremendous amount of attention and business is Motherhood Maternity Store. They are sprinkled all over the US and are also on the internet for online purchasing. Motherhood Maternity Stores offer great prices on the latest styles.

What We Need More Of...

Plus Size Maternity stores are in short supply, however, Old Navy Maternity, Gap Maternity, Motherhood Maternity, Destination Maternity and many other maternity stores have a large selection of plus size maternity clothing in their stock. Most of the larger plus sizes are only available online, which makes it difficult at times for a plus size expectant mom to find the correct fit. As more designers have gotten the message regarding the need for plus size maternity wear, the selections have grown tremendously. Nevertheless, shopping can still be a bit of a hassle for some plus size mothers in waiting. Lane Bryant stores carried a line of plus size maternity wear but have recently decided to stop. Barbara Brickner has a line dedicated to plus size maternity wear and her fashions can be found in many department stores as well as online.

Oh, Baby!

The other type of store that goes hand in hand with maternity wear is, of course, the baby store. Don't we love to spend time browsing around in these wonderful shops? There is no shortage of baby stores and all of the department stores have large children's and infant's sections where you can find anything your heart desires. Some baby stores offer discounts for mothers of multiples. So, if you are expecting twins (or more), or if you've already had them, then Baby Planet Boutique is a good place to cash in on a 10% discount for multiples of the same item. If the stores you are shopping in for your babies do not advertise discounts for multiples, don't be discouraged - ask for a discount. Usually the manager will be able to give you something off in honor of your multiple pregnancy. Often we don't get because we don't ask. So, don't be shy - you may be pleasantly surprised by the result.

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