Maternity Underwear - Plus Size Maternity Underwear

Not Exactly Top of Mind...

We'll bet that when you became pregnant you didn't even think about maternity underwear, did you? It isn't really top priority, and in most cases, until you are feeling totally uncomfortable in your underwear, you don't think of it at all. That's very normal. But, when the time does come to choose underwear for your pregnant body, there are some considerations. First of all, the primary rule is: Be comfortable. And, the second rule is: Be comfortable.

...But When It's Time

As with all underwear and lingerie, maternity underwear comes in a vast array of styles, with an almost equally impressive array of brands. Depending upon your own specific body type and needs, you can find pretty well anything you desire. Undergarments range from modest to sexy, a lot of support to barely there, and everything in between.

If you are looking for underwear that will grow with your belly, then Bravado Maternity Briefs are for you. Bravado's maternity brief has a belly band that is designed to be worn under the belly or over top - you get to choose how you'll wear it. It's a full bum fitting so there's no chance of a wedgie. Bravado also makes a thong that works for all nine months. It's Lycra and cotton and stays put, which is a good thing.

You Can Count on Old Navy

Old Navy underwear is available in briefs and thongs for maternity wear. The cotton and spandex briefs are soft and non-irritating on your very sensitive skin. They don't ride or roll, which makes them very comfortable. Old Navy underwear also comes in a thong style which is the best if you don't want a VPL. They won't roll down at the front because they're a low rise style. Nice under fitted clothing. While you're shopping for your maternity underwear, you might want to check out the baby underwear that's available. You'll need plenty of baby underwear, especially right at the beginning when baby has an uncanny ability to leak through to the skin, from either end. Old Navy underwear for baby can be found in the same great department store as your Old Navy undergarments for pregnancy.

Maternity Plus Size or Regular, There's Plenty Out There

Maternity Clothes Unlimited is a choice location for sexy maternity lingerie, maternity bras, and other maternity undergarments. Motherhood Maternity, with outlets all over the country, offers a full line of maternity lingerie and underwear. You can select from thongs, briefs, and bikini underwear in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. Motherhood Maternity offers a line of plus size maternity wear, including maternity undergarments. Maternity underwear comes in as wide a variety of styles, patterns, and fabrics as regular women's underwear. This is a great change for the better in plus size maternity wear. The general rule of thumb, whether you're plus size or regular, is to buy the same size underwear you wore before you became pregnant. Since you can't try underwear on in the store, it's wise to check the sizing guide very carefully before you buy to avoid any sizing mistakes.

Wearing good maternity undergarments is essential and makes a big difference to the way your clothing looks on you. The proper maternity bra means your breasts will be well supported and your clothing will fit better. If you're working through your pregnancy, then your career maternity clothing will look terrific with great maternity underwear next to your skin. Maternity briefs that fit well reduce uncomfortable situations and keep your pants and skirts looking smooth and well-fitted.

You're Too Sexy

If you're the kind of woman who loves sexy underwear and lingerie, there's no reason why you can't have your cake and eat it too. Hot Milk is a maternity lingerie and undergarment outlet expressly for pregnant women, and their bras, panties, and lingerie runs the gamut from cute to sizzling. Pretty underthings go a long way to making a woman feel feminine and sexy. Check them out for something special.


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