Men's Clothing - Maternity Clothes for Both Mom and Dad

It's no secret that many women make off with their men's clothing because they just love the relaxed, spacious fit. That fact has special significance during pregnancy. Even though there are gorgeous designer outfits available for women who are expecting, sometimes a guy's shirt or sweater makes for inexpensive maternity clothes. So many men are very trendy and aware of fashion, and a woman can get away with stylish maternity clothes right off her husband's clothing rack. Motherhood means maternity clothes, and it's fun to be able to pick some up without paying a cent.

Men's Maternity Clothing?

Men may moan the fact that there's nothing special for them when it comes to pregnancy (could be because they aren't visibly pregnant), but just think of the possibilities. How about matching outfits? Maternity dress pants for her, and he can wear his own dress pants. A classy tummy hugging top with a swing sweater over top for her, and a sharp silk tee with an open cardigan for him. What do you think? Or, how about a casual look with both wearing golf shirts? He can wear his tucked in and she can wear a maternity golf shirt from Gap maternity clothes. The possibilities are becoming more realistic. Sweaters and legging are another way to match, although we wouldn't want him in tights. How about jeggings (jeans and leggings in one easy pull-up) and an oversized sweater for her and jeans and a sweater for him? You can even take the concept into sleepwear. Just purchase two pairs of warm Pjs in the same design from the men's department and away you go. Of course, you'll want to have some pretty frilly things as well (for yourself - not him).

Buying Maternity Clothes Online

Motherhood maternity clothing can be purchased at discounted prices online from some of the maternity clothes warehouses. Excellent selections of designer maternity wear makes shopping for trendy clothing fun, fast, and inexpensive. A great place for selections of the biggest online brands available is ASOS maternity clothes. They began as a place for celebrity clothing and are now the go-to place for leading edge maternity fashion. Choose from the styles the stars wear and enjoy the exciting idea of wearing something you'd see in Hollywood.

Buying Men's Wear For Maternity

The men's department of the Gap or other large fashion stores provides a selection of shirts and sweaters, tees, and tanks that can turn out to be really funky additions to your maternity wardrobe. Sometimes fashion houses produce things in men's clothing that you just wish they would make for women. Why not wear it? Today's styles, especially urban wear, lend themselves to mixing and matching men's clothing with women's styles. It's fun and functional - and extremely comfortable. A man's cut can give just that little bit more space some women need to feel comfortable in their clothing.

Other Places to Buy Inexpensive Maternity Wear

It's also possible to buy inexpensive maternity clothing through community newspapers and online bulletin boards. The idea of having to go out and purchase an entire wardrobe of new clothes to accommodate a pregnancy can be overwhelming. Maternity clothes warehouses, both online and in certain shopping areas within cities, provide a place to purchase inexpensive maternity clothing that will do the job without breaking the bank. Another place to pick up maternity clothing is at (are you ready for this?) garage sales. That's right. Many women sell their maternity clothing for very little money after they've had their babies. The clothing is often in great shape and hasn't been worn that long. It's just that the mom wants to clear her closet and you can be the beneficiary of the clean closet.

There are many places to obtain maternity clothing - from your husband's closet to someone else's closet. Have fun!

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