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Nursing Baby Means Finding a Good Nursing Bra

The return to breastfeeding has been incredible as more mothers are choosing to feed their babies the most natural food in the world - breast milk. Of course, along with breastfeeding and the heavy breasts that result from being milk-laden, comes the need for suitable bras that support the breasts without constricting or causing harm to the milk ducts and tissues.

Nursing mothers come in all sizes and shapes, from petite to plus size and everything in between. In this article we'll take a look at what is available in plus size nursing bras, and do some nursing bra reviews of some of the styles available to nursing mothers today. If you'd like some serious information and nursing bras reviews, then check out Breastfeeding Moms Unite or Breastfeeding Information. Both sites offer in depth reviews and assessments of the various nursing bras that are available in the marketplace.

The Soft Cup for Comfort

When it comes to styles, the most popular choice is the soft cup, which is excellent for comfort and convenience. It provides good support to women who are not extremely well-endowed and one of the better known bras in this league is the Bravado nursing bras. Their bras are designed for women from petite through plus size, and their soft cup is made of a gentle microfiber that is great for sensitive breasts. Bravado nursing bras have been in the business for more than 18 years and have established themselves in the market. While we're on brands, Medela makes a nursing bra as well. Medela is the breast pump company that makes some of the better breast pumps. The Medela nursing bras are well designed with good support.  Many women buy their first nursing bras as part of their maternity wear purchases in the last several weeks of pregnancy.  This is a good time to check out what is available and the styles you'd prefer.

Underwires - Not Necessarily the Best Style

Moving along in our style assessment, the underwire nursing bras are good options for heavier and more endowed women and for those who are accustomed to wearing underwire bras. The support is good for fuller breasts, however, it is not advisable for women to wear them to sleep in or for extended periods of time. The wires can press against sensitive duct tissue, and often are the source of recurrent duct problems, especially in larger women, presenting in issues such as mastitis and infections of the ducts.

To Flap or Not To Flap

Nursing bras come with flaps or without them. Either style is available in soft bras and underwire nursing bras. The bras with flaps snap at the strap and the flap comes down to expose the breast for nursing. The nursing bras without flaps are usually made of very soft fabric and can be pulled aside easily with one hand. Women who have average or small size breasts favor this style because of its comfort and ease. Larger breasted women will find this style is not adequate for support. The Cameo/Colesce bra, although not specifically a nursing bra, has drop cups that work great for nursing. For plus size women, a great place for comparing different types of nursing bras is It's not a commercial site, it is a site that compares and reviews the various types of bras out there.

It's Worth the Investment

A good nursing bra is worth its weight in gold. Certainly they can be very expensive, especially if you are buying plus size or a bra with extra support. But, when you consider the possibilities for infection and other problems, it is worth the investment. If budget constraints are an issue for women who aren't so well- endowed, check out the nursing bras at Target or look for discount nursing bras on some of the sites dedicated to them. Bravado has a great selection of bras, and you can find many in department stores as well as maternity shops.

Nursing Clothing - Is It Necessary?

Most moms wear their own clothing as soon as they can get into them. Some wonder if they will need nursing clothes, whether they should buy some before the baby comes and how many pieces of nursing clothes they'll need. It depends upon the woman and her budget. Nursing tanks are a great item to have because they can be worn under sweaters, on their own, or under shirts. Otherwise, nursing clothing isn't particularly necessary. You can get the nursing covers that go over the head and cover both mom and babe while nursing which means you can unbutton your shirt or top without exposing your body. Some nursing wear has hidden slits which make it easy to access the breast without undressing.

Since most casual wear is easy to nurse in, and nursing clothing can be pricey, you may want to buy special nursing wear only for more formal occasions. Fancy dresses can be difficult to nurse in, and having a nice piece that works takes the stress away.

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