Outerwear - Plus Size Maternity Outerwear and Maternity Activewear

The Active Expectant Mom

Today's expectant woman is more inclined to be active and involved in fitness than in previous years. The fitness craze that took the world by storm forty years ago has not lost any of its force. Today, women not only engage in fitness (going to the gym), they are also avid Pilates, yoga, and Tai Chi participants as well. Add active sports, like cross-country skiing and swimming, and you've arrived at a pretty good picture of the energy of today's modern expectant mom (or any other woman for that matter).

Maternity clothes have had to be redesigned and rethought in order to keep up with today's active woman. Maternity active wear has come on the scene with styles and comfort to make it easier and more practical for pregnant women to maintain their fitness levels without looking like they stepped off the proverbial boat. Styles that range from tank tops and yoga pants to hoodies and tees are available at any of the maternity sections in Macy's or in Old Navy's maternity sections. Some of the other large chains, such as the maternity section of Gap Clothing, offer the latest trends and styles for moms-to-be.

Maternity Active Wear - Fit and Function

Maternity active wear is usually constructed of quality fleece, jersey, terry, or cotton blends that wash and wear easily, maintaining their shape and structure. Suitable for a workout, a Pilates or yoga session, or just to throw on for comfort, maternity active wear is a necessity for today's active expectant woman. No longer is it a problem to find the right thing to wear to work out. There are plenty of choices available both in fashion and in places to shop to find the pieces necessary to make those all-important workouts comfortable and less stressful.

Being active during pregnancy is an important facet of the experience. Many women lose interest in working out during their pregnancies because they are unable to find clothing that serves the purpose well. That is also true of plus size women who may find locating the right active wear for a workout a real challenge. Stores like Mimi Maternity, an American chain, offer selection, design (both their own and others), plus help in determining fit and size. Finding the right clothing style is one thing, finding the correct size and fit is something else again. They carry a full line of clothing from intimate apparel to outer wear. Regardless where you shop, the maternity section at Macy's, the maternity section at Old Navy, Maternity Gap, or Mimi Maternity, you should be able to find someone to help you find the right fit for your body at the time you are shopping.

Maternity Outer Wear Is Important

Your body is growing and changing every few weeks. What fits this month probably won't fit next month. Expert assistance helps you to invest your money wisely in your purchases so you are not spending a lot of money on clothing you will not be able to wear. This not only goes for maternity active wear, but also for outer wear as well. Outer wear during pregnancy is as important as any other clothing you buy. Your winter coat probably won't cover your baby bump too effectively if you hit the winter months when you are at five or six months gestation. It might button up at the beginning of your pregnancy, but not at the middle or end. Keeping warm during the cold months is important, and that means covering yourself properly, not holding your coat in front of you without buttoning it.

Choices, Choices, Choices

Finding the right maternity outer wear is not only possible, but the choices are wide and varied. The same stores that carry active wear and maternity sweaters and knits, usually carry maternity outer wear as well. Plus size maternity outer wear is generally available, however you may need to visit a specialty shop in some cases. Some of the choices for maternity outer wear that work regardless whether you are a plus size maternity outer wear buyer or a regular size buyer, include ponchos and capes. Maternity capes are elegant and stylish. Ponchos are easy to slip over the head and provide warmth, protection, and are an easy style for casual wear. Winter wraps are another option, and of course, there are dress coats and casual jackets designed by some of the world's greatest designers for you to choose from in an equally wide variety of prices and styles.

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