Plus Size Maternity Dresses and Plus Size Motherhood Maternity

Did You Know?

An interesting fact that probably few of us know is that between 40% to 50% of women fall into the plus size clothing range, yet the current mainstream maternity market focuses only on women up to a size 14 or 16. That's pretty shocking. You'd think there would be a big movement toward filling the need for half the women out there. In all fairness, there has been a lot of movement toward plus size fashions, making them more available and keeping them trendy and hip. However, the flow hasn't quite found its way fully into the maternity wear market. Finding attractive, well-fitting, and elegant plus size maternity clothing that is readily available for pregnant plus size women remains something of a challenge.

Taking Charge of Change

In Canada, someone decided to do something about the situation and Ample Mama Maternity, which carries only plus size clothing, lingerie, and accessories, has seen the need and has been filling it since the 1990s. During the summer months you can find plus size maternity summer dresses and plus size maternity sundresses designed to give a pregnant plus size woman the joy of letting the world know she's expecting. Choose from empire waist sundresses, or look for a cool looking maternity polo dress. They're comfy and great for the warmer weather. Rather than having to dress in regular plus size clothing in larger sizes - and looking like she's gained weight instead of being pregnant - the plus size woman can find clothing that shows off her baby bump and leaves no room for questions as to her status as a mom-to-be.

Plus Size Summer Dresses

When it comes to buying plus size maternity dresses, it's a good idea to keep in mind the kinds of events you normally attend in your life, and what special events are coming up during your pregnancy. You can keep your budget in check if you can find a dress that can serve one or two of these occasions. Usually a couple of dresses will do the trick. A casual dress that is great for showers, luncheons, dinners and visits with friends, and a more formal dress for special occasions like weddings and parties. Plus Size Motherhood Maternity has a good selection of casual, plus size maternity dresses to choose from. Since you'll be wearing a casual dress more frequently than a special occasion dress, you'll want to choose your dress in a fabric that is suitable for the seasons during which you will be "most pregnant". For instance, in the summer you'll find linen, jersey knits, and cotton work best. In the winter, heavier fabrics and long jackets are ideal. A wrap-around style that ties at the side is not only becoming, but comfortable too. It can be adjusted as you grow and, if you outgrow the top part, a pretty camisole underneath to compliment the dress works well.

Plus Size Formal Maternity Dressing

With the holidays upon us, the need for formal wear is greater than usual. Finding plus size maternity evening dresses isn't quite as hard as you might think. Dark shades and small prints are a great way to flatter your new pregnancy curves. Choose them in fabrics that hang well, like jersey knit. Length should be at the knee or longer - something like a maxi dress is best. Beautiful halter tops and empire waists in soft fabrics that fall gently over your prized possession give you the elegant and sophisticated look you're after. Don't forget the LBD (little black dress). It's the time-honored favorite for formal occasions. The most important for a plus size pregnant woman is to embrace your curves. Pregnancy is the best time to show off, so don't be shy. Wear an empire style over your baby bump to let the world know you're pregnant.

A Dress For the Bridesmaid

The fashion industry, particularly the bridal segment, have figured out that many brides and bridesmaids are pregnant and plus size. As a result, finding plus size maternity bridesmaid dresses isn't as hard as it used to be either. Sydney's Closet is a great place to shop to find the perfect plus size maternity bridesmaid dress. You may need to make some minor alterations when you order online, but what bridesmaid hasn't had to have her dress altered for the wedding?

Shopping for plus size maternity dresses may take a little longer, but the effort is well worth the time.

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