Pregnancy Maternity Clothes - Early Pregnancy Maternity Clothes

It's Such An Exciting Time

Being pregnant is such an exciting time. It's hard to keep your mind on the tasks at hand as you wander off to the miracle taking place in your body. Planning the baby's nursery, picking names, and wondering if the baby is a boy or girl, occupies most of your days early on. The prospect of buying maternity clothing is also exciting. You've been itching to have a baby bump just so you can wear a tight jersey knit top that hugs it gently so you can show off. But, you should probably wait a while before you go heading off into a shopping frenzy. It will be a while before you're showing anyway - so take your time and get as much wear as you can from your current wardrobe.

Not So Fast

Early pregnancy maternity clothes look exactly like the ones hanging in your closet. You won't need maternity clothing until the time comes when you have to undo the buttons on your jeans just to be able to sit down. Even after that, you can use a bella band with your pants, jeans, and skirts, to give you some extra mileage. A pregnancy bella band hooks onto the button of your skirt or pants and covers your tummy, hiding the fact that your pants won't fasten, and giving you room to breathe. Just add a long tank or tunic top and you've got yourself covered for another few weeks.

Some Suggestions For Buying Maternity Clothing

By way of a maternity clothing guide, we'd like to offer you a few suggestions so that when you do go shopping for your maternity wardrobe, you don't end up buying a bunch of clothing you won't wear. The first item you will want to buy is maternity underwear. Now, we know you probably didn't think about that one, but believe us when we say you'll want to have some very comfortable undergarments when you're pregnant. No binding, rolling, wedgies, or tight elastic on the legs - it's the worst when you're pregnant. You can still wear sexy underwear, it's just built for your belly. Good maternity or nursing bras are another must have, although you won't need them until the latter stages of your pregnancy, unless you blossomed in a big way very early on. Our maternity clothes guide continues with lower-heeled shoes. You don't need to be balancing on stilts when you're pregnant, it's dangerous. Also, it's bad for your back. You have enough to deal with, a bad back and potential bone breakage aren't necessary.

Jeans, Pants, and a Crisp White Shirt

Now, on with the clothing part of the guide. You won't be fitting into your jeans by the second trimester, so investing in a great pair of maternity jeans is almost a must. The mandatory little black dress will take you through any events or special occasions that come up. By accessorizing it with fabulous jewelry, you've got a maternity dress that will work for ages. Of course, there are amazing designer fashions you could buy as well, like Christian Siriano maternity clothing. However, unless you hit a great sale, you'll be paying designer prices for his gorgeous creations.

You'll need some good looking slacks that flatter your body and a stretchy white button-down shirt to wear under a vest, sweater, jacket, or on its own. The third trimester is not too early to be looking at nursing sleepwear. Not only is it the best choice if you plan to breastfeed, but it is also very comfortable to sleep in. You can get some great styles, feminine and flattering, soft, and gentle next to your skin and baby's skin as well.

Linking With Other Moms

While waiting for your baby, browse the maternity clothing sites on the internet. You'll find a lot of great clothing for all stages of pregnancy. There are also maternity clothes blogs where you can link up with other mothers-to-be and moms who have had their baby and their maternity clothing is for sale. Pregnancy blogs are another place to go for friendship and answers to day-to-day questions from others who are either going through pregnancy or have already had their babies.


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