Tube Top - Maternity Tank Tops and Maternity Halter Tops

Sexy Momma

We usually associate tank tops, halter tops and tube tops with summer time and hot weather. That's when a pregnant woman needs to have clothing that looks great but doesn't keep her cooking. Hormones can do that part all by themselves, so finding cute, cool, maternity halter tops and cute maternity tank tops is imperative in the warmer months.

There is nothing quite as alluring as a halter top, and it seems especially so on a pregnant woman. Halter tops allow the shoulders to be bare - and most men will tell you that they think bare shoulders are very sexy. Maternity halter tops on maxi dresses or street length dresses give a very feminine feel to maternity dresses. They can also go from very relaxed, with thin straps that tie around the neck to wider straps with ties that trail down the back.

When You're Hot, You're Hot

One look that is really great is created with tube tops. Hot tubes worn in pregnancy are not only comfortable (due to the stretchy material) but they look fabulous with relaxed, wide-legged pants. This look will work during the day, or for evening as well. A hot tube over jeans with a chunky necklace and great shoes will draw admiring glances and keep you feeling on top of the world. Who said being pregnant means being frumpy? The top maternity clothing lines all feature some form of maternity halter tops and maternity tank tops. If you have a favorite designer, check them out to see what they've got. If not, then take yourself on a little shopping trip and visit the many stores on line that carry designer fashions for maternity wear.

Not Just for the Summer

Maternity tank tops are available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and with great sayings and cute quips on them. Some of the top designers are coming out with their own line of pregnancy tank tops, most of which can be found online or at your favorite maternity boutique. Maternity tank tops wear well in the summer and they can be worn under a cardigan or jacket in the cooler weather as well. They're especially great over jeans and boot cut pants.

As the weather gets cooler, maternity tank tops can be worn over top of long sleeved shirts to create a great layered look. Don't be limited by the perception that tanks and tubes are only to be worn in the warm weather. You can put a long tank top under a swing cardigan and over top of leggings, slip on a pair of ballerina slippers or booties and you're on your way for a fall day. Or, put one of your husband's or partner's shirts over top of a tank or tube top for an easy going look with jeans.

Tops That Work After Baby is Born

One of the nice things about the fabric in tube tops is that it is really stretchy. That means it can be pulled down when necessary. Once baby is born, tube tops work great under button front shirts that are left open. The look is casual, and the tube top allows for easy access for breastfeeding. Your maternity tank tops and maternity halter tops will work fine after the baby is born as well, especially as you are waiting to get back into your regular clothing.

When you are buying maternity tank tops, think ahead and buy one or two maternity nursing tank tops - you'll be glad you made the investment before the baby is born. The nursing tanks are suitable to wear while you are pregnant and are the best when it comes to nursing. The clips at the straps make them easy to open and close when needed to breastfeed.

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