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What's Happening in 2010

Well, 2010 is anything but boring when it comes to clothing design. Maternity dresses for weddings, whether they be the bride's dress or maternity bridesmaid dresses, are available in styles that are not only trendy, but are reminiscent of styles from years gone by. Where last year's styles featured the strapless crinkle top and flowing skirt, this year is showing either one shoulder or halter dresses as the star performers. That is such a relief, especially to those bridesmaids who feared a "wardrobe malfunction" at a most inopportune time. Asymmetry is popular in 2010 and flowing fabrics, like chiffon and organza are back in full force.

Finding What Works Within the Budget

When you think of it, maternity clothing for weddings have multiple functions and given the state of most people's pocketbook, any clothing investment has got to work for more than one time out. When it comes to choosing maternity brides clothing or maternity bridesmaid dresses, a lot of thought has to go into how it will all work together. The gowns have to complement the bride's dress, fit a theme, make the ladies look lovely (nothing worse than an ugly bridesmaid's dress) and still manage to fit within a budget. Thankfully, most brides today are very aware of the financial constraints upon their "maids" and are choosing dresses for attendants that work well after the show is over.

The best way to know how to dress your wedding party, if you don't have a plan, is to take a look at the 2010 wedding books, fashion sites on the internet, and spend some time in bridal shops. Take a couple of friends along for fun and input - make it a date and have lunch or dinner afterward.

Maternity wedding clothes also involve the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom (in most cases). That means color choices have to be balanced and considerations made that involve all of these people. Whew! It is quite a job. But, with patience and time, the decisions can be made and everyone will be more or less happy. The truth is, you're not going to please everyone, so resolve to do the best you can and move forward.

Styles That Are a Hit

Depending upon the theme of the wedding, dress styles can be casual or flourishing. There are some things that are consistent in all of the latest fashions, though, and they are what make this year's styles so wonderful. The classic bateau neckline is back and totally trendy this year. This neckline matched with a full A-line skirt sweetly complements the 1950s style wedding dress that has made a massive comeback. For the maternity bridesmaid dress, the A-line can start higher and all but hide the baby bump. Knee length, one shoulder dresses have also made a comeback and they are amazing with great shoes and dramatic jewelry. Our pregnant bridesmaid can wear this style without a second thought. Fit tightly across her baby belly, this style becomes as glamorous and sexy as it was always meant to be.  The beauty is that she gets to wear this dress as part of her regular maternity clothing wardrobe.

Formal or Not, Color Rules

If longer skirts are the option, then chiffon has floated gently to the forefront. For a formal wedding, it is the fabric of choice and maternity bridal gowns featuring Grecian styling use this fabric with grace. The romance of the style and the fabric create a rather ethereal feeling as the bride floats down the aisle, with her maids floating behind her. Pastel color palettes have been the favorite for 2010, but that doesn't mean that the more intense shades can't be used. The top color for 2010 is charcoal gray and the vivid sunset colors of purple, indigo, and sunset orange are the new trendy colors. These colors work best with a maternity beach wedding that calls for dress that blends with the environs.

No matter the preference, once the bride's gown is selected, the bridesmaids and other wedding clothing follow easily behind.

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