Medications that are safe during pregnancy

Cold Symptoms and Hay Fever

If you have high blood pressure, talk to your doctor first

  • Chlor-Trimeton (antihistamine)
  • Sudafed (decongestant)
  • Actifed (antihistamine and decongestant)

    Cough Symptoms

  • Robitussin or Robitussin DM
    If sore throat persists, you should call in to the Obstetric Clinic to schedule an appointment for a throat culture.


  • Docusate (Colace) : 100 mg twice a day
  • Metamucil : 1-2 teaspoon with 8 oz juice or water
  • Milk of Magnesia - 1-2 Tablespoon every evening
  • Do not use mineral oil

    Minor Headache or Body Ache

  • Tylenol or any acetaminophen preparations, 2 tablets or 650 mg every 4 hours
  • Do not take aspirin during your pregnancy unless instructed to do so by your physician. Aspirin may interfere with blood clotting and cause problems during labor and delivery
  • Do not take ibuprofen (such as Advil or Motrin) unless instructed by your physician
  • If headache persists for more than 24 hours, call the Clinic


  • Amphogel
  • Gelusil
  • Maalox
  • Do not use baking soda or Pepto bismol

    Fever or Chills

    Take your temperature if you feel unusually hot or cold. If you do not have a thermometer try to get one so you can tell the doctor or nurse what your temperature is.

    If your temperature is above 100.5 call the Clinic. If your temperature is less than 100.5 take Tylenol 650 mg every 4 hours. If your fever lasts longer than 48 hours call the Clinic.

    Prozac and Pregnancy

    When it comes to determining whether to discontinue medications during pregnancy, it becomes a very delicate balancing act.

    Prozac is a Class B medication, meaning that it is recommended that it be discontinued during pregnancy unless deemed medically necessary by a physician. Women taking Prozac during their pregnancies do not have a higher risk of miscarriage or major fetal abnormalities, but if taken during the third trimester they are at a higher risk of perinatal complications such as premature birth.

    These children do not experience any adverse effects on their neurological development. In contrast, untreated maternal depression can have an adverse effect on infant's and young children's cognitive, language, behavioral and perinatal risks. Obviously there are some risks associated with Prozac use during pregnancy, but the mother's mental wellbeing is also a risk factor.

    Following childbirth, many mothers experience a condition called postpartum depression. Since this a period of high risk for depression under normal circumstances, women with chronic depression often choose to resume their medications during this time.

    Nursing and Prozac

    There are many mothers, however, who choose to enjoy the full motherhood experience and breastfeed. Not much is known about what levels of Prozac actually are found in breast milk so it generally recommended that mothers not nurse their babies if they are talking Prozac.

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