The Wonder of a Midwife

When a midwife is involved in the process, there tends to be more calm around the birth.

Midwives are often with a woman once the labor begins, in the early stages, so she can monitor what is going on, how things are progressing and when to move into the next phase of the delivery.

The calming effects of a midwife

It really does make a difference for everyone. The calming presence of someone who knows what they're dong and how to get the job done efficiently is a very soothing factor to an expectant family.

When a midwife is present, it is possible for kids to see the delivery of the baby, as long as they can handle it. Most kids are happy to know there's a new member of the family but that's about where the interest ends.

Midwives are skilled at birthing babies - that's what they are trained to do, and that's really what they love to do. So, they're good at it.

When the time comes to deliver a baby, the gift of having a midwife present brings a confidence and quietness that allows an expectant mother to relax (as best she's able) and do the work necessary to bring her baby forth, knowing she's in good hands.


Table of Contents
1. Deliver Baby
2. Wonders of a midwife
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