More Miscarriage Myths and Facts

MYTH: If you try to get pregnant too soon after a miscarriage, you risk another miscarriage.

FACT: There is no evidence that a woman must wait a set amount of time before "trying again." However, you should always check with your doctor first since he or she may advise you differently in light of personal circumstances.

MYTH: Amusement Park and roller coaster rides will cause a miscarriage.

FACT: It has yet to be established at what point during pregnancy amusement park rides may become dangerous versus safe. In all likelihood, however, riding a roller coaster early in pregnancy will not cause problems, while jerky motions could cause placental abruption in later stages of pregnancy.

MYTH: Getting punched in the stomach can cause a miscarriage.

FACT: This is very unlikely during the first trimester. The same applies to other minor traumas such as experiencing a fender bender or falling down. However, the risks increase in the second and third trimesters, where placental abruption could occur, along with the potential for a later trimester miscarriage.


These are but a few of the scores of current myths surrounding miscarriage.

Here are some bottom lines to keep in mind:

•- Learn the difference between a "cause" of miscarriage and a "correlation" with, or a link to miscarriage

•- Seek advice from credible professionals

•- Don't believe everything you read!


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