Grief and Loss

Taking time to grieve after experiencing pregnancy loss is an important part of coping with miscarriage. Although at first your grief and sorrow may seem overwhelming, it's important to know that the pain will eventually subside.

Read on to discover ways in which to cope with your feelings of loss and to get advice on how to mourn the loss of your baby and the end of your pregnancy. One thing that may help you feel a little better is to know that most women who have experienced a miscarriage go on to have perfectly happy and healthy pregnancies the next time around.  

While this doesn't doesn't heal the pain you are feeling right now it may just give you the hope you need to move forward. 

Feeling The Loss

Grieving allows you to express emotions of sadness, frustration and anger and can help you maintain a strong relationship with your partner.  Allowing your self to feel and express your feelings is an important part of the grieving process.  

Holding it all inside can be unhealthy and harmful.  Learn more about healthy ways to express your grief and begin the process of mourning your loss.  

Also remember that your partner, although he may not show it as openly as you, is also grieving the loss of the pregnancy.  Try to find comfort in each other so that you can move past this terrible time together.  

A Memorial

Finding a way to remember your baby is also central to the grieving process. Holding a memorial service or publishing a memorial notice in the local newspaper are all excellent ways in which to honor the memory of your child.  

Many parents also choose to give their lost child a name as a way of marking the child's short existence and having a proper way to refer to the bab and they may choose to hold or look at a stillborn child as a method to close the cirlce and begin to grieve.  

In fact, many health professionals recommend that parents take a few minutes with a stillborn child a healthy step towards mourning the loss of a child.  

Professional Help

Getting support from family and friends is another way in which to cope emotionally after miscarriage. If you’re having difficulty talking to your partner about your feelings, going to a grief counselor both together and individually can also help you cope with pregnancy loss.  

Sometimes professional help is needed to help you deal with your grief.  Don't hesitate to call a professional if you feel this is something you can't get through alone.

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How is everyone coping?
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