A miscarriage can be a heart breaking experience for anyone, whether it is your first or third pregnancy. It is important to know the signs, and how to deal with the situation.

Signs of a Miscarriage
Bleeding within the first 20 weeks of your pregnancy is considered a threatened miscarriage or threatened abortion, and although it is not certain that you may loose your baby, it is a sign not to be missed, or discarded. Persistent back aches or stomach cramps are another sign of threatened miscarriage.

It is essential that you call a Doctor if:
The bleeding or cramping get worse, you start to feel faint or you are having chills or a high temperature.

Some pregnant women bleed around the usual time of their monthly period. Bleeding after having sex could be the result of an irritation on the cervix (bottom part of uterus). Many women who experience vaginal bleeding or spotting during early pregnancy have healthy babies.

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