Teen Pregnancy - More Myths and Facts

Myth: Everyone is doing it.

Fact: Who, exactly, is everyone? Don't be so gullible. The reality is that less than half of all high school students have had sex - ever. People say all kinds of things to save face, to look good (at least they think it's good) and they lie. Period. At the end of the day, the only real truth that has any weight is what's best for you.

Myth: You're a prude if you wait until you're older.

Fact: Prude? How about Smart. Everyone is different and everyone is unique. And, everyone has a time that is exactly right for them. Truth told, young teens who have sex say they regret it and that they wished they'd waited. Not only do they regret it for not waiting longer, they are usually the ones who don't protect themselves - and they really do regret it.

Myth: Guys are always ready for sex.

Fact: Actually, guys may be thinking about sex a lot, but really, stereotypes are not always reality. Check this out - 2 out of 3 guys say they'd rather have a great relationship without sex. So, how does that fit into your stereotype?

Myth: The pressure always comes from the guys - girls never put the pressure on for sex.

Fact: Wrong. Once more we've got the stereotyping going on. Every person and every couple is different. Pressure comes from all kinds of place, inside, outside, each gender, each experience, and all kinds of ages. Believe it or not 1 in 5 guys say they've been pressed by the girl to go farther sexually than they really wanted to go.

Myth: You'll marry the first person you had sex with.

Fact: Wouldn't that be amazing? The truth is that even though your first love is the one you will probably remember for the rest of your life, the chances of marrying that person are really remote. Most first time sexual relationships are romantic and last about six months or less.

Myth: Drinking and drugs make sex a lot more fun.

Fact: Nobody makes their best decisions when they're drunk or high - especially about sex. About 20% of kids 17-years-of-age say they did things when they were drunk or high that they wouldn't have done if they were straight or sober. It seems like a real trip to not have any inhibitions about what you're doing sexually, and the fact is, it is a real trip. Mostly because you forget safety and caution and fail to practice safe sex. Then, along with the hangover, you've got an STD or a pregnancy you didn't count on. Rape and assault among young people escalates when drugs and alcohol are involved.

Myth: A girl can't get pregnant if/a guy can't get a girl pregnant if:

· you have sex upright (that is standing up)

· the girl is on top

· you have sex in a hot tub or a swimming pool

· you jump up and down right after sex

· the girl douches, takes a hot bath, or goes to the bathroom right after sex

· it's your first time

· you're both virgins

· the guy pulls out before he ejaculates

· the guy doesn't go all the way in

· the girl doesn't have an orgasm

· the guy and girl don't orgasm together

· the girl pushes hard on her navel after sex

· the girl makes herself sneeze for 15 minutes after sex

Fact: You've probably heard a lot of this stuff, or maybe even more off-the-wall stuff about getting pregnant. Forget it. The truth is that you can get pregnant every single time you have sex - unless you're already pregnant. Even condoms and birth control aren't sure guarantees. The only known, 100% way to avoid pregnancy is to not have sex. So, if you choose to have sex, then you have to choose to be informed enough to know that regardless how or when, you can get pregnant.

There are a lot of methods for birth control - many of them very effective. But, the only one that works perfectly is not having sex. If you don't have sex, you won't get pregnant. Period.

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