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Many parents are anxious to start decorating their baby's nursery, some as soon as they find out they're pregnant. Others put it off as long as they can, either out of superstition or because they can't seem to decide on the nursery décor. Whether you fall into the first group or the second, this article can help you out with all of your baby room decorating needs. Also check out our article on budget wall art for some great decorating ideas.

Designing on a Budget
One of the first things you should consider is how much you can afford. The total cost should include furnishings, paint, blinds or curtains, and any other items you would like to decorate the room with. While you may be tempted to go all out on the room, especially if this is your first child, there are some good reasons not to.

First, keep in mind the design you would like. If the room is decorated with a very young theme, you will probably need to redecorate again in a few short years. If you don't mind redecorating again, then try to establish a very small budget on this room. There's no sense in spending thousands of dollars if you plan to get rid of it all in five years.

Secondly, the more you would like to do in a room, the more expensive and time consuming it will be. Remember, simple is not only easier to do, but easier to pay for, as well.

Splurge on One Item
If you do feel like splurging, then choose one item that you feel is worth that extra amount of money. Baby nursery bedding can cost quite a bit of money, but it also comes in a variety of styles and can really add something to a room. You may find a set that's expensive but just so fabulous that you would like to design the whole room around it.

Once you have established a budget, start thinking about ways you can cut corners. Just because you end up paying far less than what you budgeted doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful baby nursery.

Use Wallpaper Borders For Accent
If you're thinking of putting up wallpaper, consider only putting up a border. This will take less time and will be much cheaper than floor to ceiling wallpaper. You can look for themed borders that will match the design you have come up with for your nursery.

Painting is also a convenient choice for a quick change. When you go to the hardware store, though, take a look at the paints in the returned section. Often, stores will sell paint for a reduced cost just because it has been opened. And, no, there isn't anything wrong with the paint. Whoever bought it before most likely just changed their mind about the color. But remember, it is not a good idea for pregnant women to do any sanding or painting because they can inhale toxic dust which can then be passed through the placenta. If you would like a painted nursery, then pass the paintbrush to your partner or a friend, put your feet up, and relax.

You can also find blinds and curtains in the marked down section in a variety of stores. If you own a sewing machine, then you may just want to make your own curtains. This is by far the cheapest choice, plus you get the benefit of picking the exact kind of material you want for your baby's curtains.

Creative Ideas
It's not always easy to come up with baby nursery decorating ideas. Even if you don't consider yourself to be the creative type, here are some easy tricks to really make the baby's room pop!

It's Easy to Make Wall Murals
If you have access to a projector, then get some overheads made of different images and pencil them onto the walls of your baby's nursery. You could do various animals, cartoons, bugs, flowers - even a map of the world if you feel really ambitious! Once the outline is there, bring it to life by painting it in. And you don't have to stick to realistic colors, so make that cat purple and that ant blue!

For those of you who do not have access to a projector, then take a trip to your nearest hardware or art supply store. They will often have stencils that you can use simply by holding them up to the wall and painting. You might want to pick up a palm tree leaf stencil to give your child a tropical baby nursery theme.

Even if something is plain and white, there's no reason why you can't dress it up. Use some brightly colored paint (or not-so-bright-but-it-matches-the-rest-of-your-room paint) to put some playful fun into that white shelf or dresser.

If you picked up some discounted blinds but they're just a blah cream color, make them more suited for your little one's room by gluing a little toy or fun drawer knob to the cord. Just make sure the cord stays out of the reach of your child since they will want to get at it once they start moving. You could also try stenciling an image onto the blinds or curtains.

Decorating Ideas to Make Your Life Easier
Well, you've established a budget and chosen a theme, now it's time to go out and get all this stuff! Before you do, there are some things you should keep in mind.

First, if you are going to buy wallpaper, look for one that is scrubbable vinyl. If it is scrubbable, it will be easier to clean.

If you have chosen to paint, then buy colors that have a matte or satin finish. This goes for furniture, too. The shinier it is, the more likely dirt will show up sooner. Also, really dark or really light colors are also likely to make dirt more visible. So, if you don't want to spend all your time cleaning the nursery, look for something in the mid-color range.

If you have decided to have carpets in the baby's room, then consider a textured carpet, not to mention a stain-resistant one. A textured carpet will help disguise dirt. A stain-resistant carpet will prevent carpet stains and will make your life a bit easier when your baby spills his or her juice or spits up. You might also want to consider a hardwood floor, since it is much easier to clean.

Make sure any linen you buy for your baby's bed is machine washable. You will be doing a lot of laundry as it is. You don't need to make your job harder by adding items that need special care. A hand-crocheted quilt may be beautiful, but it will also require a hand washing, which means it will never get washed.

You might also want to install a dimmer on the light switch in the nursery. This will allow you to control the amount of light that comes on during those midnight feedings. A bright light might make your little one think it's time to be up and about. A softer light will help them get back to sleep quicker.

Creative Nursery Accents
Baby room décor is more than just cribs and rocking chairs. Little accents that might not cost a lot can really add to the room's overall appearance. Have you consider replacing the existing light switch cover for something a bit more amusing?

A dresser is also a big item that can easily be made over with very little effort. You can change the knobs to transform it from plain and a bit dull to quirky and fun.

If you've decided to keep the color on the wall neutral, consider spicing it up a bit with some wall pictures and hangings. Some may even double as a light and any furniture that can serve two purposes is always a great deal. (Keep that in mind when you look for changing tables. Some can be used later on as a dresser.)

Growth charts are also a great feature in a child's room. Plus, you can buy them in a variety of styles, such as giraffes, seahorses, dinosaurs, flowers and cars. If you've decided on a themed room, it will be easy to find one that matches. A growth chart is also something that can stay in the room for years to come.

Lamps with fun bases can also help to liven up a room. Not only can you easily find something to match any theme you may have chosen, but you can also keep it in the room for many years to come.

If you've decided to have hardwood floors, you may still decide you'd like a rug to dress the room up a bit. Unlike carpeting, rugs tend to be easier to clean - some smaller ones can even go in the washing machine. Even if you have carpeting in the room already, a rug might still help to bring some pop into the room.

One popular feature in a lot of newborn baby rooms is a mobile. These can be an excellent way of soothing and stimulating your baby. Some come equipped with just the basics while others have lights and play classical music. However, regardless of what kind of mobile you get, remember to remove it from your child's crib when they are able to pull themselves up.

Decorating a baby's nursery can be a lot of fun, but you don't need to run out and buy everything at once. Your newborn won't need a bookshelf right away. One of the best ways to keep the room looking nice without breaking the bank is to simply keep adding to it over time. This will help to keep the room looking fresh and allow it to grow with your child.

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