Feng Shui in the Nursery

Decorating your baby�s nursery is often one of the most anticipated and enjoyed events during pregnancy. Parents love to come up with unique themes and find that perfect nursery bedding that will help their child have sweet dreams night after night. Although you may be busy exploring fairy tale themes and animal themes for your little ones soon-to-be bedroom, have you given much thought to the layout of the room? Before you decide to just stick the crib here and the changing table there, you may want to consider what feng shui decorating could do for your baby.

What is Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is the 3000-year-old Chinese practice of interior decorating that allows for the open flow of energy in a home, school or office environment. Originating from the Chinese religion and philosophy of Taoism, feng shui, literally "wind water" in Chinese, has traditionally been used when designing a home and arranging space within a home. Feng Shui practitioners believe that, to have a home where prosperity, good luck and success will thrive, space must be arranged accordingly for energy or "chi" to flow freely. In the case of the arrival of a new baby, Feng Shui can be used as an important tool to ground your child in a healthy and flourishing environment.

According to Kathryn Weber, a master Feng Shui practitioner, there are several Feng Shui principles to consider when arranging a baby�s nursery. These principles are the location of the baby�s bedroom within the house and furniture arrangement as well as the color and movement in the bedroom.

Location of Bedroom
There are a few no-no�s when it comes to the placement of your baby�s nursery. A baby should never be placed over a garage or empty space in a house. Likewise, a baby nursery shouldn�t be somewhere that a baby will be disturbed by excessive noise. Ideally, a baby boy should be placed in a nursery located in the east and north parts of the house while a baby girl should be placed in the south, southeast or west parts of the home.

Furniture Arrangement
As for furniture arrangement, crib or bed placement is an essential factor to consider in a baby�s room. The crib should not be placed along a wall that is shared with a bathroom or storage room because this will adversely affect the baby�s health. The baby should be able to see his caregivers as they enter the room in order to feel safe and protected, so put the crib next to a solid wall that faces the door.

Room Color
The color of the baby�s nursery is usually decided by the parent�s personal preference or by the colors traditionally assigned to a baby�s gender. If you want to determine the color of your newborn baby�s room according to Feng Shui, though, you can use a Feng Shui bagua. This is a wheel chart that assigns particular colors and elements to certain areas in the home as well as aspects of life, such as relationships, career and children.

The Feng Shui bagua dictates that the best color for children is white since this is the color associated with creativity. While children will benefit from a white room, if you prefer to have some color on those walls, than choose a soft, muted color. Using a soft color for your baby will help promote proper health and rest. Although bright colors can be attractive, they are considered in feng shui to be too stimulating for babies.

Movement in the Room
To create good movement in a baby�s room and soft energy flow, a fan kept on a low setting can create air movement. If you�d like to room to have a bit more movement, soft music can be played and a mobile hung near a window to sway in the breeze.


Other Design Factors to Consider

The lighting should be balanced in a baby�s room. It should neither be too dark nor too bright as brightness can affect a baby�s level of deep sleep and darkness is discouraging. Instead, opt for blinds. This will allow you to let more or less light into the nursery according to the time of day or need for light or darkness.

Room Decorating
It is important to consider what types of designs or pictures might be hung on the wall in a baby�s nursery. Feng Shui experts warn that animal or jungle prints can be intimidating for a newborn baby and should be avoided. Water and sea motifs are also to be avoided as in Feng Shui belief these themes may cause respiratory, lung, nasal or kidney problems or may worsen a baby�s asthma. Nature designs that are pleasant, warm and inviting are encouraged as they will make a baby feel safe and healthy. If you had your heart set on using animals or a water theme, you can still do so, just go easy on the imagery, perhaps balancing it out with something more Fen Shui friendly.

Clear Away the Clutter
One of the most important ways to obtain good energy or "chi" for you and your baby is to organize and clear away clutter in your house. Unnecessary clutter can block physical, mental and creative energy and lead to discouragement. With the responsibility of a newborn baby, comes a much more hectic life and your home space needs to be organized for this new chapter in your life.

Repairs and Renovations
If there any repairs or renovations that need to be done, aim to have them complete before you bring home your newborn. When it comes to cleaning, use all-natural products; harsh chemicals should not be used as these are harmful to your baby.

As for the painting, while pregnant women shouldn�t paint an entire nursery, touches may be done so long as you are painting in a well-ventilated area. Also, be sure to use water-based, toxin-free paint. And if oyu have wall-to-wall carpeting, then it�s time to rip it out. This type of carpeting is a haven for mold and dust mites. If you have carpets or wood tiling that contains toxins, then remove those as well.

Welcoming a New Baby
In the days, weeks and months after your baby�s birth, your life as a parent will be inundated with the duties and joys of caring for your new baby. Help make your life easier, as well as your baby�s nursery less cluttered, by only getting those items you need. Stock up on just the necessities, like diapers, and food, to look after your baby in those first few months.


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