Nursery Decorating With A Theme

Many parents choose to decorate their nursery with a theme. While this can be fun and can help make the room look more put together, keep in mind just how functional the theme will be as your child gets older. You can look online for tips and ideas on how to decorate a nursery with or without a theme. You might also want to consider adding a mural to your baby's nursery.  Find out how you can add flare to your baby's nursery with this inexpensive wall art.

Innovative Themes

One simple theme that you can use to design your baby's room is that of bright against bland. Pick a few key elements in the room, like the wall, part or all of the ceiling, cushions on the rocking chair, the dresser, and/or crib linens, and dress them up in the same bright color scheme while you leave the rest a plain color, like white. This design gives the room wonderful pops of color without being overwhelming.

Soothing Designs

A popular theme for many parents is that of painting a lovely blue sky with big fluffy white clouds on the ceiling. This is definitely a peaceful and soothing design for your baby. If you would like to take the theme one step further, then look into getting a small can of glow-in-the-dark paint and painting stars on the ceiling, as well. During the day your baby can daydream while looking at the clouds; at night she or he can travel to dreamland while gazing at the stars.

The Whimsical Baby Room

For a whimsical baby room, consider doing an underwater theme. Paint seahorses, starfish and mer-people on the walls or buy a plush wall covering with an underwater theme. This design works equally well for both girls and boys. But keep the colors soft and soothing; too much will over-stimulate your baby.

The Western Theme

Another fun theme is a western one. If you know the sex of your baby, then you can dress the room up with cowgirls or cowboys. Or, you could dress the room up with both. Look for stencils of horses at your local art supply store that you can paint onto the walls or on the furniture.

Decorating Tip: Don't Overdo It!

Whatever theme you choose, don't overdo it. You might find that you get sick of it pretty quickly if it's too over-the-top. Also, you might find that every friend and relative you know wants to contribute something to the room. If you've chosen to dress the room up with a bug design, you may soon find yourself swimming in bug items donated by family and friends.

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With so many baby nursery themes, it can be difficult to choose one! Not to mention putting the whole room together before baby arrives. If you have some tips on choosing a theme and making the room complete, or maybe a funny story about your baby's reaction to the room, then visit Pregnancy Stories to share your anecdote.

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