Plus Size Pregnancy

Plus size pregnancy poses its own unique challenges for moms-to-be. However, many pregnant women find getting the right support - whether for labor, diet, or fashion - can be hard to find. That's why we've developed this section designed exclusively for you! Here's you'll find information to help you make all kinds of decisions during your pregnancy.

Plus Size Pregnancy Information

One major concern regarding plus size pregnancy is what birth option is safest for both mom and baby. For example, many women are confused as to whether a cesarean section might be a safer method than vaginal delivery. If you are wondering what form of labor is best suited for you, read up on the great information provided in our plus size birth section.

Finding comfortable yet fashionable maternity clothing can be difficult for plus size women. Discover how to find trendy clothes for your pregnancy without breaking the bank in our Plus Size Maternity Wear section.  There is no reason for you not to look good when you're pregnant!

Plus Size Concerns

Also learn more about how weight affects fertility and about whether it is possible to get pregnant after weight loss surgery.  Get the facts about plus size pregnancy, find the answers to all of your health concerns, and discover how you can have a healthy pregnancy no matter what your size!  

For most plus size women there is no reason they can't 

have a healthy and safe pregnancy.  Learn more about your weight and your fertility right here at!

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I am an overweight woman, 32 weeks pregnant, and I have the fat roll that hangs down from my belly. I have been experiencing some discomfort in that area, there is an area about the circumference size of a half-dollar that has become hard and tender. What is this? I cannot find anything online about it.,
13 years ago