Getting Your Body Back After Pregnancy

This Isn't Hollywood

We've all seen them. You know, the articles in the magazines about the famous, gorgeous actress who gave birth to a baby last week and this week she's on the red carpet looking as though she'd never been pregnant. Standing there, looking at that post-baby belly and thinking - "I still look pregnant" - seems to be more in line with reality for those of us who live in this world and not Hollywood.

To make matters even worse, we're given the tantalizing bit of information that we can get back into shape just like she did, by using her method - read and find out how. Upon checking the article we discover there is nothing of substance in it which would be of service to us and our immediate needs. And still, we continue to compare ourselves to them. How do they do it?

Reality Check

Well, they have a lot of money and they can afford to pay a very expensive personal trainer a huge sum to come to their home and work out with them in their pool and private gym. They can also manage a personal chef who cooks all of their meals exactly to order so they don't get to pick at what they're cooking. And, if they have other children, they likely have someone taking care of them as well as cleaning the get the picture.

Now, back to our present reality. When a woman is pregnant her body goes through a myriad of changes and after the baby is born it takes almost as long for the body to recover as it does to conceive, carry and birth a baby. So, first of all, don't be so hard on yourself. You've just accomplished an amazing thing - you've given birth. By the way, nursing makes the uterus contract faster and the post-baby-belly goes down faster.

Eat Smart

Eating wisely is essential for recovery and as necessary as it was during the entire pregnancy. There are many excellent eating plans available from which to glean. Choose the method which works best for you and your body type. If you are part of a mom's group or fitness center, you can ask for help and suggestions from those who have gone before and from professionals who are available to help you. Remember, eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit, and having a lean, low-fat protein with every meal while making sure you're not consuming empty calories will help immediately in terms of taking off some of that baby weight.

Get Moving

Don't forget to get some exercise every day. We all know that housework and taking care of little ones is a big job, but it isn't exercise. When you exercise, you're doing something especially for your own personal well-being. Put the baby in the stroller and get out for a walk. If there are some post-pregnancy classes at your local rec center or at the gym you usually work out in, join them as soon as you can. You'll not only be doing something proactive to get your body back in shape, but you'll be turning on those endorphins which help you to feel happy about life.

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