After Abortion Symptoms - What to Expect

While having an abortion is not an easy decision for most women, it is one that brings with it a number of considerations - not the least of which is after abortion care. Even in this realm, there are different levels of care to think about. There is the physical recovery after abortion, and there is also the mental and emotional recovery and the very real possibility of Post Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS).

Take Care of Yourself Physically

Whether the abortion was surgical or medical (the use of chemicals to interrupt the pregnancy), it is important to take proper care after the abortion in order to recover. When considering the physical recovery after abortion, the basic things a woman needs to do include staying well hydrated (drink lots of water), stay off work and rest if possible for a few days, eat well and take vitamins, and take the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor and be sure to take the full course. Do not exercise for two weeks, don't lift anything heavy (over 15 pounds) for the same period of time. No swimming, and no bathtubs or hot tubs for at least two weeks. Most importantly, do not use anything at all vaginally for two to four weeks. That includes tampons, douches, and intercourse.

Exercise Caution and Wisdom - You Can Become Pregnant Again Quickly

Because it is possible to ovulate as soon as two weeks post-abortion, it is possible to get pregnant after an abortion much sooner than you might think. The risk of an unplanned pregnancy is great and it is important to discuss a course of action with your partner should it happen. The best thing to do is wait until you are fully recovered and ready to have sex again. Your body will resume its natural cycle of ovulation two weeks after an abortion so use birth control immediately to avoid another pregnancy after the abortion.

What To Expect

Most abortions are considered safe and many women have no physical difficulties afterward. However, an abortion is a surgical procedure and as a result there are risks and possibilities of serious complications. Bleeding after an abortion should not be any heavier than a period that is a heavy flow. Watch for large clots (those the size of a quarter or grape are okay - anything larger could be problematic), and bleeding should not increase but should decrease with time. Bleeding after an abortion lasts anywhere from three days to five weeks.

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