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Here at we've created a guide just for you, to help you navigate this new experience. You can find information on everything you've always wanted to know about pregnancy tests, signs of pregnancy, pregnancy health, early pregnancy, your first pregnancy, and much, much more. We offer you all the pregnancy help you need to stay in the pink of pregnancy health.

Are pregnancy tests reliable? Are some better than others? Which one should you choose from among the myriad choices lining the drugstore shelves? When is it time to use a pregnancy test? We have the information you need to make an educated choice.

But before you run out to your local neighborhood drugstore, take a look at these articles and consider whether your money is well spent in purchasing a pregnancy test at this point in time. Many women, especially those women who have suffered the heartache of infertility, 

stock up on pregnancy tests, and develop what amounts to a pregnancy test addiction. If you are spending much too much time peeing on a stick and then watching for that telltale happy blue line, it may be time to step back and take a look at your symptoms, first.

Pregnancy Symptoms

How can you distinguish the signs of pregnancy from ordinary symptoms of fatigue or a tummy ache? You've missed a period. Is it too early to think about getting a pregnancy test or calling for an appointment with your physician? We have compiled a great deal of information on the topic of pregnancy symptoms. Check your symptoms against the information in this section: nausea (check!), sore breasts (check!), fatigue (check!), peeing all the time (double-check!). You may just be in early pregnancy.

But the symptoms are sometimes so vague it's hard to know. Everyone is fatigued after a hard day and everyone gets a mild intestinal upset with gas from time to time. People even become dizzy when they stand up too fast. It's possible to get your hopes up for no reason though some symptoms seem to be pretty clear-cut. Varicose veins, for instance, are a strong sign that a pregnancy has taken hold, especially when you've had no previous problems with veins. Funny how you never thought you'd be so happy to see those ugly, knobby blue veins. Of course, regular, everyday morning sickness is the oldest, most reliable sign (next to missed periods), that you may have conceived.

We have created a pregnancy calendar to lead you through all three trimesters of pregnancy, so you know just what will happen at each stage of this exciting event. By using our pregnancy calendar as a guide, you'll know exactly when your baby grows fingernails and hair. The pregnancy calendar helps you learn about the new life you harbor inside and makes him seem a lot less like an unknown stranger and more like someone near and dear to you.

What about the complications of pregnancy? Do you lie awake at night worrying about the unthinkable complication that could turn your world inside out? Have you had some symptoms that concern you? Are you worried that it's time to seek medical advice? You've come to the right place to get pregnancy help.

Pregnancy Problems

Pregnancy is exciting, but it's also a bit scary. There is such a high learning curve and so many areas in which things could go wrong. How do you know how to distinguish the pain of an ectopic pregnancy from the normal pelvic pain you might feel as a result of pregnancy hormones softening the pelvic ligaments? You hate to call your physician for no reason because you fear he may become annoyed with you. But how do you calm your mind? After all, an ectopic pregnancy is an emergency of the first degree.

In our pregnancy guide, we cover a wide range of topics relating to pregnancy complications. We tell you the signs and symptoms to watch for and let you know when your symptoms are nothing to worry about. We also help you understand when you must seek emergency care. We have articles describing the risk factors for the various pregnancy complications so you will know how vigilant you must be and what you can do to reduce your risk for pregnancy complications.

By seeking medical care at the right time, you are taking the right steps toward a successful pregnancy outcome. Armed with the information you need, you are in a position to get through this time in your life with flying colors.


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Okay heres my story, I have my period every month between the 15-17 had my rag on 17 of july lasted 7 days. Normal everything was good had unprotected sex with my s.o whole time of and a few days after. Then on august 6 and 7th bled for two days then completely gone?? on the 8th I had this strange tingley sensation almost as if I were getting tickled from the a million butterflies were in there! Thats the only way to explain. Then I started to feel nausious in the afternoon only, hot flashes like u wouldnt believe, slight headache everyonce awhile, my bowel momovements too are not regular feel pretty bloated and gassy thought maybe my period was coming never showed? Now im about 4 days late no period and a negative test result 3 times already!?! Last I tstd was day of missed period gonna wait a few more days to rest again. Do you think I could br pregnant? Also forgot to add that my stomach has a pooch and I have neen getting a little crampy throughout the day and my nose has started runnig??? Im kinda nervous what do u think?
7 years ago
I'm really confused. I took a HPT last week and it was negative. I had what I thought was my period but it was three days early and only last for 2 1/2 days. I have been nausea, headaches, and a little bit of fluttering in my stomach. I know its not gas bc its never happenend before it all just started. We have been trying to get pregnant. I just don't feel right and don't want to keep wasting money on a pregnancy test.
7 years ago
hi i cant figure out for anything where to post things on here but i really need some advice.i got my period this month but it only lasted 2 and a half days.ive been throwing up every morning for about the last 2 1/2 - 3 low stomache is very tight and poking out a little.i have weird white pimple like bumps on my nipples and areolas.and ive had a terrible backhache this last week.with all the weird things goin on w/me i decided to take a pregnancy test.2 nights ago i took a clearblue test and it gave a positive result w/in approximately 30 secs.last night i took a first response test and got a negative result.if i were pregnant,i wouldve conceived a month and 2 days ago.I just really need opinions or advice.please help!
7 years ago
Hi there! Pregnancy first trimester, thats me! I am feeling great and am not having symptoms so far but i am feeling tired all the time. Just want to check around with others cause i have not told anyone about being pregnant yet. So when does morning sickness happen n pregnancy? And is it mostly in the morning? And whats the best cure for this? Just don’t know what to expect. Maybe i wont even get it but if i do i will have to start telling people cause they will guess sometinhgs up! Any info and advice would be great!
7 years ago