Pregnancy After Miscarriage

After a pregnancy loss, the thought of getting pregnant again can for some be a joyous experience, while for others it can lead to feelings of apprehension and anxiety. Although a little nervousness is understandable, it's also important that you are able to enjoy in your pregnancy.  The good news for women who have lost a previous pregnancy is that most women who have experienced a pregnancy loss go on to have perfectly healthy and normal pregnancies the second time around.  If you have experienced multiple pregnancy losses, then you may want to consult a fertility specialist as this is the sign that something is wrong.  Visiting a fertility doctor may just help you with your problem and allow you to carry a pregnancy to full term.  If you are pregnant after a miscarriage or stillbirth then you may be feeling uneasy and nervous about losing this pregnancy too.  Renting a home heart beat monitor can help to provide you with the relief you need since you can listen to the baby's heart beat any time you want.  

Pregnant Again

If you have experienced a miscarriage and are considering getting pregnant, you may find it helpful to read up on when it is safe (both emotionally and physically) to do so.  How long should you wait before getting pregnant again?  What if you have a miscarriage again?  Talk to your doctor about all of your concerns and wait until you get the go ahead before getting pregnant again.  There are different theories about the best time to get pregnant again.  Some doctors will say it is best to wait three months after a miscarriage before getting pregnant again while other doctors will say you best chances are to try again after only one month.  Read more about these different theories.  

Emotional And Medical Support

Creating support networks can help you cope with pregnancy after a miscarriage. Talking about your emotions with others who've been there can help you deal with pregnancy loss and help you prepare for pregnancy again.  It's good to know that most women who have experienced a miscarriage have gone on to have healthy and happy pregnancies without any further problems.  If you are one of the few women who suffer from multiple miscarriages you should consult with a fertility specialist as there may be something wrong.  

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Hello, I had a miscarriage and d&c after 8 1/2 weeks on October 10th, and I know it isn't "safe" yet to try again, but was wondering if anyone could tell me when it might be ?
12 years ago
I had a miscarriage on sept 11th 2012 I was 18 weeks and 2 days, i went in to the hospital with a UTI, but had no signs of it. I had a er dnc done and they found out my placenta was growing into my uteris they were only able to remove 3/4 of it. Drs said my body would absorb the rest of it . I was given the advice to wait 3 mths before trying again. I want a baby so bad last night my husband and I decided to start trying again since i have stopped bleeding from the dnc. I have read articles about being more fertile after a miscarriage, but dont know what to believe. We named our angel Hunter and had him cremated and got a keepsake necklace with some of his remains in it. This whole experience has been so tough on us, but I think it has also made us stronger. I want to know if it is too early to try, or should we wait. I was over weight since May 24 2011 Ive lost 247 lbs, I have done so much to try and get pregnant, we started going to a fertility specialist, but found out before any treatments I was 6 weeks 5 days. We were so excited, I had some bleeding from about 7 weeks 3 days where I was put on pelvic rest, I was careful in anything I did, the bleeding had stopped and my dr said everything was all good and then I miscarried. I cried for days, but each day gets better. My husband has two other boys with his ex wife and this would of been our first child and my 1st pregnancy, drs not sure why it even happened. I am just listening to my body and we are trying again. Any thoughts or comments of encouragement would be helpful!!
12 years ago
Hi all, I miscarried on the 31st of may after having some bleeding for a few dr didn't seem concerned at first as I wasn't having any cramping with it.when he arranged an us for me in the 30th they couldn't find a hb and the baby was only measuring 8w 1d instead of nearly partner and I were devastated.the pregnancy wasnt planned but we were both excited.i have a 2 yr old from a previous relationship but it would have been his first baby.i ended up having to have an emergency d&c on the 31st due to high blood loss and unbearable pain.the op went well although I was discharged without being seen by a ob/gyn.all seems well and after a week the bleeding stopped.we decided that while we weren't going to actively ttc again (doing ovulation charts etc) we weren't going to prevent another pregnancy soon has anyone got pregnant again after a d&c?i did a hpt today which was neg to check my hcg level was back down.
12 years ago
i had a miscarriage and d&c done on 3/5/12......we have been tryin since alot, i didnt bleed until 4 days after the d&c and bled for around 10 days! i have taken a preg test as i think (if i worked it correct) my period should of been due 3 days ago and the clearblue test gives a faint line (positive) but the 2 cheaper tests ive done say negative! im totally confused and dont know what to think.....could i be pregnant? or this is this from the hormone levels from the miscarriage?
12 years ago
I had my D/C on June 15 - we are trying to get pregnant again right away started bleeding on 14th day after (first day very heavy today very very light) could this be my period. I took a preg test and negitive...please help
13 years ago