Factors affecting the birth control pill

  • missing a pill or taking the pill inconsistently
  • taking the pill at different times of the day
  • starting the pill late

Factors affecting the birth control patch

  • moving the patch to different areas on your body during the week
  • removing the patch for more than three hours

Factors affecting the birth control ring

  • exposure to high temperatures or sunlight
  • removing the ring for more than four hours
  • leaving the ring in for more than three weeks

Getting pregnant on the Pill

Many women worry about the effects that the birth control pill may have on a growing fetus. Some women do become pregnant while on the pill. There is no evidence to show that the pill will harm your baby in any way. Babies exposed to the pill are not at increased risk for developing complications or birth defects.

Pregnancy After the Pill

There is no reason to worry about becoming pregnant after you stop taking the pill. The pill will in no way affect your fertility and more than 90% of pill-users become pregnant within a year of coming off the pill. This being said, it does take some women longer to become pregnant after stopping the pill.

Typically, it takes about three months for full fertility to return. Some women may find that it takes closer to six months for them to become pregnant. Other women become pregnant immediately after going off of the of the pill. It really depends upon your body's own natural cycle.

Though you can try to get pregnant immediately after coming off of the pill, it is usually recommended that you wait a little while. Allow your body to go through one or two regular menstrual cycles. This will help your body get back in sync again, and will also help you to pinpoint your ovulation dates.

If you are trying to get pregnant after using the pill, here are some tips that may help you improve your chances.

  • Eat as nutritiously as possible.
  • Begin taking folic acid supplements.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Limit your intake of alcohol.
  • Try to manage your stress.


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