Electrolysis For Excess Hair

There's no doubt about it, excess hair can make a woman feel less than lovely, especially if the hair is on her face. Along with all of the wonders of pregnancy, sometimes the hormonal ups and downs can create hair growth where you want it the least. In order to deal with it, women use a variety of methods - but are all of them safe?

Is Electrolysis Safe?

Electrolysis has been around for a long time as a method of treating unwanted hair growth. There have been no reports of harmful effects related to pregnancy with the use of this type of treatment and so, the risks are probably minimal. However, there has not been significant research into the use of electrolysis during pregnancy to make a qualified statement about its safety.

Remember that electrolysis is the use of electricity to kill hair at the root, so it is being fired into your body. It is not recommended to use electrolysis for the bikini area, abdomen, or chest during pregnancy and if breastfeeding is planned.

Wait, Shave or Pluck?

The standard recommendation is that if you find you are hairier than you were before you got pregnant, then wait until after the baby is born to deal with the hair. It may just disappear since it is probably related to hormone spikes resulting from the pregnancy. If it is really bothersome, some counselors suggest tweezing the hair or shaving it. The problem with either of these methods is that the hair has the potential to become stronger and to grow with a thicker shaft if you shave or pluck.

There's Good News - Depilatories are Okay

The good news is that lotions that chemically remove hair or minimize hair growth are considered risk-free as long as they are used according to directions. They are topical solutions and aren't absorbed into the bloodstream so they can't affect the baby. The biggest problem would be an allergic reaction. Also, some women end up with hyper-sensitive skin when they are pregnant, and the solutions in depilatories can aggravate the skin in such cases.

If in Doubt - Leave it Out

The bottom line is that hair removal is possible, but caution is advised when dealing with electrolysis. If there is a concern or doubt, then don't do it. Check in with the doctor to discuss any products or services you may have questions about before using them. If you do decide to use electrolysis to remove unwanted hair, be sure to talk with your dermatologist for a recommendation to a licensed electrologist.

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