Sex, Conception and Pregnancy

Let's Make a Baby

Outside of ART, sex is necessary for conception. And, sex is fun. So, it is possible to have a lot of fun while you are conceiving your baby. Unfortunately, sometimes conception sex can become just that - sex for conception purposes - and the joy of it can get lost. In our article about Sex for Conception, you'll discover some of the pitfalls of having to plan sex around ovulation and how you can make this time more sexy and a time of intimacy rather than a job that has to be done.

From No to Wow in Just a Few Weeks

Once conception happens and pregnancy is a reality, your Sex Drive will probably change. The first trimester might leave you more inclined to have a nap than to make love. And, truth told, nausea and vomiting are not exactly aphrodisiacs. After the first trimester, when you're feeling better your sex drive may flip over to high gear and your partner could be in for some surprises. Generally speaking, men love the changes in their partners' bodies when they become pregnant. Breasts become fuller and the body lines soften into curves that are very appealing to men. Sex during pregnancy at this point in the experience can be a wonderful and exciting thing. The Female Orgasm, something that eludes a lot of women, can very well be a regular occurrence for you as your body changes. With the increased blood flow to the pelvic region, your vulva is more pronounced and definitely more sensitive. So are your breasts, which make sex during pregnancy delicious. The stress of planning sex for conception is gone, and all stops can safely be pulled. Now you can have some seriously fun pregnancy sex. If you've never had an orgasm before, this could be your moment in time. Pregnancy Orgasms are intense and intensely satisfying. Many women say they are the best ever and wish they could replicate them after pregnancy.

How's He Doing?

Your partner may be totally turned on, or he may go the other way. The question haunting him will likely be, "Is Sex Safe? Am I going to hurt the baby?" The answer, of course, is yes in the first instance and no in the second. However, it might take a trip to the ob/gyn with him in tow to convince him that sex during pregnancy is actually safe. Unless you are dealing with some complications in your pregnancy, sex is quite safe. Although, as the pregnancy progresses, you may have to find other positions that are mutually satisfying. Check out our articles on Sex During Pregnancy and Comfortable Sex Positions for some great ideas. And, be creative. If you can't find anything you like, experiment.

Of course, as time goes on, you may not be feeling so sexy. One thing that does happen to women is that they tend to think their bodies are repulsive to their partners. This is where you get to connect and talk. He may be thinking you're feeling that way and will back off while you are thinking that he's backing off because he thinks you are not longer attractive. In our article on Sex Problems, you may find some answers to some of these dilemmas. You'll also find ways to begin Feeling Sexy During Pregnancy in our article by the same name.

Sex is Safe & Fun

As long as your pregnancy is normal and healthy, you can have pregnancy sex without worry. Forget the old wives tales that sex during pregnancy will cause miscarriage. Not true. There are situations that should be avoided and under certain circumstances, sex may not be advised. Find out more about these times and situations in Sex Dos and Don'ts. Otherwise - go for it!

Sex after pregnancy takes on a new dimension. For the first six weeks or so you'll probably be worn out and perhaps sore - especially if you had to have an episiotomy. However, after a time, you'll get back to feeling yourself. Our article Sex After Pregnancy gives you some great ideas on how to get the sizzle back into your sex after pregnancy. It isn't as hard as you might think.

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