Does Baby Catch On?

You may be wondering if your baby knows just what you and your partner are up to when you are having sex. Well, rest assured, your baby cannot see you or your partner, and thus will remain oblivious to the fact that you are having sex during pregnancy.

However, there is some evidence to show that babies do experience the same sensation of euphoria that you do when you orgasm. It is thought that babies gain a heightened sense of happiness because of the release of endorphins during sexual intercourse. Endorphins are special hormones that help to relieve pain.

You may be familiar with the "rush" that you get after a tough workout or after eating a chocolate bar; these rushes are also caused by endorphins. Endorphins can travel through your blood, causing your baby (and you) to feel happy and relaxed. Don’t worry though – this is entirely safe for baby.

Orgasms to Induce Labor

You may have heard of couples who have engaged in sexual activity in order to naturally induce labor.

Well, it has been shown that female orgasms can kick start labor contractions when they occur in the late stages of pregnancy. This is because of the fact that orgasm can cause your body to release oxytocin, a hormone which causes labor contractions.

So, if you are past your due date and sick of waiting for baby, speak with your health care provider about engaging in sex to induce labor.

Things to Watch For

While sex during pregnancy can be a lot of fun, there are certain warning signs to look out for when you are experiencing orgasms.

Warning signs include:

  • very painful contractions
  • uterine cramps lasting longer than one hour
  • unusual or heavy vaginal bleeding

Though rare, these signs could indicate that you are experiencing preterm labor or miscarriage, and you should visit with your health care provider immediately.

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