Comfortable sex positions during pregnancy

Woman on Top

This sex position has you straddling your partner, while he lies down on the bed. This is a great position as it takes all the pressure off of your abdomen and allows you to control the depth and frequency of thrusting. It also gives your partner a great view!

Woman on Back

This position is like the missionary position only without any added pressure to your abdomen or uterus.

You lie on your back and raise your knees up towards your chest. Your partner then kneels between your legs and enters from the front. You can even rest your feet on your partner’s chest for support.

Place a pillow under your bottom for added comfort. This position isn’t recommended after the fourth month – you should avoid lying on your back for extended periods after this point in your pregnancy, as the weight of your uterus could block blood vessels that supply your uterus and legs.


This position has you and your partner lying on your sides facing one another. It keeps weight off of your abdomen while supporting your uterus at the same time. It is also very intimate, as you and your partner are both facing one another.


Spooning is one of the most popular positions to use during the late stages of pregnancy. Both you and your partner lie on your sides, with your partner behind you, facing your back. Entry is from the rear.

This position is very comfortable for pregnant women because it keeps the weight off your belly and allows for only shallow penetration. Sometimes, deep penetration is very uncomfortable in the late stages of pregnancy.


People often forget that sexual intercourse can also be performed in a sitting position. Get your partner to sit in a sturdy chair and then straddle him.

This will keep any added pressure off of your stomach, and allows for a very intimate experience.

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