Shopping For Bargains

When you are trying to save money when you're having a baby consider buying things pre-owned and getting things second hand. It can be a great way to find amazing bargains. Also why not consider clearing out your basement of stuff you aren't using and selling it in a yard sale or on eBay. Some people even make a living from dealing on eBay, going to garage and yard sales, or searching through flea markets. You might even find yourself with a new, fun way to make a second income.


If you've never used eBay because you're afraid of buying things from individuals over the internet, you can be reassured. By paying through PayPal or similar methods and taking advantage of their buyer protection service, buying new or second hand goods couldn't be easier. You can even use an escrow service if you are buying something expensive, or where you want to check the goods before paying the seller. Sometimes the prices are so ridiculous as to be almost unbelievable, like a brand new twin stroller for less than $60!

The main system on eBay is an on-line auction, where you enter bids on the items you are interested in. You are competing with others, so just like in a regular auction you might get a real bargain if no-one else bids on your preferred item. With everything available from baby clothes to carriages and strollers you should be able to equip baby with all the latest fashions for a fraction of the prices in the shops. Of course eBay has masses of other categories as well, including cars and even real estate. So with so many houses foreclosed today you could even find yourselves buying a new house at a bargain price!

Garage And Yard Sales

If you go to a yard sale you can find anything from bassinets to playpens and toys and take them home with you straight away. Be careful however not to buy second hand baby mattresses as there is some evidence that they are associated with cot deaths. So it's better to be on the safe side.

Flea Markets

If you like hunting through flea markets you can often find unusual items and you might even pick something that turns out to be an antique - for a song! It just has to be your lucky day. And even if you don't find anything you like enough to buy, it can be a great fun family day out.

Hand-me Downs

If you have friends or family whose children are older than yours, you have a ready source of clothes. Once their child has grown out of the clothes, they can pass things on to you. Babies grow so rapidly that their clothes hardly get worn out, so it's very easy to have your baby in almost new outfits without them costing you anything. Of course you should also pass on your outgrown clothes too! If you have a few friends with babies slightly different ages or sizes, you could even club together to get a few special outfits that each of your children can wear in turn. This is another great way to save money. There is no need to buy everything new for baby. Baby won't care either if it's not a designer label, so don't waste your money! If you want to get something extra special for baby, or even yourself, why not check out the pre-owned/second hand market.

Don't buy new, buy pre-owned. It's a bargain!

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