Sleeping Positions

During pregnancy it is best to avoid sleeping on your belly or on your back. As you grow, sleeping on your belly will put obvious pressure on your belly and may lead to complications down the road. Sleeping on your back not only puts a significant amount of pressure on your low back (which can lead to back pain), but also may put pressure on your intestines, and the blood vessels in the surrounding area. In addition to causing or aggravating back pain, sleeping on your back may lead to such things as hemorrhoids, indigestion, poor breathing and circulation and low blood pressure.

The ideal position is to be sleeping on your side (ideally on the left), with the top leg crossed over the bottom leg, and with a pillow between them. This position will allow maximum flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta, while minimizing the amount of pressure on your low back. Though this position may feel a little uncomfortable the first few nights, you will eventually get used to it and will find that you fell better in the mornings.

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