Chlamydia in newborns

Chlamydia infections in newborns can also lead to Infant Pneumonia. Symptoms of this infection develop between three and six weeks after birth.

Your baby will exhibit a dry, irritating cough, which will gradually become more congested. Symptoms will become worse and can include rapid or labored breathing.

Fifty percent of newborns with Chlamydia pneumonia will also develop Chlamydial conjunctivitis.

 Chlamydia Testing and Treatment 

If you are pregnant, ask to be tested for Chlamydia even if you are not exhibiting any symptoms and aren't at high risk for the disease. Because your baby can pick up Chlamydia in the birth canal, it is better to be aware of any infection before birth so that it can be properly treated before the baby is infected.

Pregnant women who are infected will be treated with Erythromycin or Amoxicillin. These antibiotics are usually taken once a day for seven days and will cure 90% of infected mothers.

If you have received treatment for Chlamydia, it is a good idea for to have Chlamydia testing again three weeks after your treatment, to be sure that your body is rid of the disease.

If your baby is born with signs of Chlamydia,

 he can also be successfully treated with Erythromycin. However, by getting tested when you first find out you are pregnant, you can prevent your baby from contracting the disease and suffering any physical damage as a result.

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