Why Cord Blood Banking

Deciding on Cord Blood Banking:
There are already so many decisions to be made toward the birth of your child; what kind of practitioner do you choose; what's the perfect name for your little one; do you get an epidural or go the natural route. Add one more decision to your list: Should I bank my baby's umbilical cord blood?
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Cord Blood vs. marrow transplants:
Take a look at the comparison between cord blood and bone marrow transplants. The two are compared on a number of criteria points evaluating how effective they are for transplant use.
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Treatable Diseases:
Many diseases have been successfully treated with umbilical cord blood, although the list of potential uses continues to grow every week. Find out about the more than 70 disorders and diseases that umbilical cord blood stem cells have already treated.
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Autologous vs. allogeneic transplants:
Not all transplants are the same. The source of the stem cells can affect the outcome of a transplant. Read about the differences between autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplants to find out how they contribute to a successful stem cell transplant.
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Stem Cells Research:
Scientists are working as fast as they can to discover which disorders and diseases stem cells can treat and how. Many hope that stem cells will prove to be a type of wonder drug that will be able to cure everything from blindness to baldness.
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