She’s 14 Years Old and Pregnant...

Is this a nightmare? Or is this something we should embrace as a society?

What are the facts? What are the opinions? And where do you stand on the issue?


Keep the baby ( )

Give up the baby to adoption ( )

Terminate the pregnancy ( )

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What can you do? See I'm a Teen and Pregnant.

And how do you tell your parents? (thanks Anita for this great article!) Read all about Breaking the News.

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Want to know how it really feels?

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Read this forum post about a guy who at 19 got his 14 year old girlfriend pregnant.

His post was started in 2005 and people have been talking about it since then. The kid is probably starting Grade 1 this September. We have the dad’s email address and will try to track him down.

Now let’s hear what you have to say...


Read these stories by single moms

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