Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy loss is far more common than we would are made aware, and is often experienced in the form of a miscarriage. See Miscarriage: An Overview for important miscarriage information. Find out about the symptoms of miscarriage and whether your symptoms could be a sign of trouble.

Ectopic pregnancies, also known as tubal pregnancies, result in a pregnancy loss and can be extremely dangerous to the mother. Learning the signs and symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy may just save your life. Traditionally treated through surgery, a new treatment method can help you avoid surgery and a hospital stay.

Bleeding during pregnancy can also be alarming. At worse, it may signify a molar pregnancy or a miscarriage. Another complication that is quite common and always ends in a miscarriage is a blighted ovum. A stillbirth is a loss after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Read about the warning signs, the causes and the risk factors.

Coping with any kind of pregnancy loss can be very traumatic and it takes time to recover, aprticularly if you've experienced multiple miscarriages. Grieving After a Miscarriage offers some tips to help you through the hard times, while Grief After Loss details the emotions you may feel and provides a list of helpful resources.

Getting pregnant after a miscarriage can be a challenge in itself, as women feel extremely anxious. On the plus side, most women can go on to experience a normal pregnancy, later giving birth to healthy babies. However, many are still concerned a new life might mean their baby's loss will be forgotten. Find out how to keep your baby's memory alive.

Of course, it's important to be aware that while you might be suffering emotionally from pregnancy loss, your partner is likely also experiencing similar emotions. That being said, it's important that men understand their partner's needs may differ from their own. Don't let yourselves drift apart, instead learn how to rebuild your relationship so you can move forward.

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