The Third Trimester: Feeling Good About Yourself

You've Learned A Lot

There is a ton of information on our site about pregnancy, what's going on with the baby, how you'll change, grow, and have a variety of things to deal with and expect. After all, that's what our specialty is! Pregnancy is also a time for you to explore some things that help you to feel good as well as prepare for the imminent arrival of your Prince or Princess.

The third trimester includes weeks 28 through 40. Let's look at some ways you can make this last period of time about fun and feeling good. Why not? After all, you've already put in a lot of hard work growing the little one inside you. You deserve some rewards.

Ways to Take Care of Yourself And Your Baby

Here are some things you can do during this time to make yourself feel beautiful and to lighten up and not take your body changes too seriously.

· Have a photo shoot. Instead of looking at your voluptuous and expanding body with distain, embrace the beauty of what's going on and laugh about the disproportionate shape you've become. Take lots of pictures so you'll have an entire gallery to show off.

· Have your eyebrows tinted or reshaped. You'll be amazed at how open your eyes become when your brows are plucked in a way that enhances them.

· Give yourself a manicure. Get all the goodies out and soak your hands, shape your nails, buff them, polish them - give them the works. Then, go out and get yourself a pedicure (because doing your toes is just not going to happen). Once your hands and feet are beautified to perfection, find somewhere to show them off and go for it.

· Take one day and just hang out in your pj's. Curl up with a hot cuppa, your comfy blanket, and a good book or movie and veg.

· There's nothing like a massage - especially when you've got a sore back and you're feeling like a beached whale. If you can make it happen, having someone give you a massage every day (or a couple of times a week) can make you feel wonderful as you near the end of your pregnancy.

· Write a letter to someone special. Buy some pretty stationery and a new pen (one that feels perfect in your hand); and write a note or a few notes to people you love. A love letter to your partner planted where it can be found will probably make his day.

· You'll find there are a lot of things you'd love to have for your baby. Why not make a list of them so you'll be able to pass the information on to those who ask you what you'd like. If you're shy - give the list to someone who will give the list to the person who is going to plan a shower. At least you'll get the things you really want to have and you'll make it easier for people to buy for you.

· Do you love old movies? New releases? A particular genre? Why not get a few flicks (borrow or rent) and have a marathon of movies? Popcorn anyone?

· Have your friends over for a night of "just us" before the baby arrives. Order in from your favorite food place and enjoy yourself with your friends.

Don't Forget Who You Are

· Once the baby comes you may find that time for yourself slips away, or it just doesn't happen. The truth is that you can have time for yourself; you just have to plan it properly. Before the baby comes, while you're wondering if you'll ever see your feet again and if your body will really regain its former shape, write down the things you want to remember to do for yourself. Things that fill this slot are fitness, treating yourself to some new clothing (knowing you'll fit into your old pieces again soon), reminding yourself that you are multi-faceted - wife, mother, career person and friend. Be sure to treat yourself with the love, care, and respect you deserve as a beautiful and special individual.

Take Time to Enjoy This Trimester

The list can go on and on. It's important to take the time to enjoy your pregnancy and to focus on things that make you feel happy. Heaven knows, you've been spending a lot of time learning about pregnancy, your baby's development, what to expect, and endless other details. Don't forget to take time for you.

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