Diet and Pregnancy

A common concern of many mothers-to-be is: “What should I eat while I’m pregnant?” If you are like most women, this thought has crossed your mind more than a few times. What you eat will not only affect how healthy you are during your pregnancy, but it will also have an impact on your child and his/her development. Here, we outline everything you need to know regarding proper pregnancy nutrition.

You will learn about the different herbal supplements, vitamins and minerals that are available to pregnant women. Further you will learn about how important folic acid is for women who are planning on getting pregnant. A section on foods to avoid will give you an important list of foods that should be cut out of a pregnant woman’s diet in order to ensure optimum health of your child.

Diet and Pregnancy Topics  
Pregnancy nutrition Foods to avoid
Nutrition and food safety tips Folic acid
Herbal supplements Diet for a healthy Pregnancy
Vitamins and minerals Diet for breast feeding
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