Teenage Pregnancy

Pregnancy can take some teens by surprise as very few teens actually plan to get pregnant.  Here in our section devoted to teenage pregnancy, get the information you need to deal with this unplanned time and about how to get through a teenage pregnancy.  This section offers valuable advice for parents and teens to help you get a handle on this very sensitive issue.  Our article on Pregnancy: Myth and Fact explains how easily 'mistakes' can happen.  This is a great article parents and teens should read in order to prevent teenage pregnancy. Parents and teens alike should also read about the statistics on teen pregnancy to find out more about how common this type of pregnancy is.  Teens aren't going to stop having sex.  However, we can help to educate them on safe and responsible sexual habits in order to help avoid teenage pregnancy.  However, if you are already dealing with teenage pregnancy, read on to learn more about what to do next.

Knowing Your Pregnant

Teens and pregnant teens can get valuable information in I'm a Teen…and Pregnant. This will outline your choices and provide you with invaluable resources. You will also need advice on breaking the news to your parents.  This is the task most pregnant teens dread most of all.  Telling the parentals that you're pregnant is never an easy thing to do. If you are a teen and you think you are pregnant, it is recommended you do a home pregnancy test right away. The sooner you know, the more time you have to weigh your options and start looking after yourself if you decide to keep your baby.  You will need to see a doctor right away and also start taking prenatal vitamins and folic acid.  You also need to learn more about maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy and about which substances you need to avoid while pregnant, like caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes.

Dealing With Pregnancy

As a parent, you can learn how to relate to your pregnant teenage daughter in My Baby is Having A Baby. Here you will also find some valuable advice for moms of teenage boys who have a pregnant girlfriend. And for parents who fear their teenagers may become pregnant, there are some tips in Teen Pregnancy Prevention to help ensure your daughters make the right decisions about their sexuality. Learn how to talk openly with your teens in Talking With Teens About S-E-X.  Don't wait for your teen to come home pregnant.  Have an open and frank discussion about sex and birth control today.

Birth Control

If you're unfamiliar with the different forms of birth control, Twentieth Century Birth Control can provide you with some important information. The Pill, Condoms and You has a detailed explanation about two of the most popular forms of birth control while Natural Birth Control will provide you with valuable information about other contraceptive methods.  Also remember that birth control methods like condoms are not just important in preventing pregnancy.  They are also vital in protecting yourself against STDs during sex.  Learn more today.

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Pregnant and feeling scared? Talk with other pregnant teens in the forum


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hey I am 15 years old..and I might be pregnant I have been showing all the sings of being pregnant...such as soar breast, natious all the time, cravings and all that! If I am pregnant I would be a little less then a month..but just Yesturday I started bleeding a little at first it was just a little spotting and it was a very pinkish color..but today it got darker and i am bleeding a bit more my mom wants to go get me a test but is it even possible for me to still be pregnant while bleeding please help asap!
11 years ago
Im a 16 year old guy. My girlfriend is 12 weeks pregnant with another guys baby. I love her with all my heart and I want to be there for her and the baby as she wants me to be there. The father has already said he will be there and be with her if the baby is really his. I don't know what to do at this point. I can't just leave because I promised I'd always be there nor do I want to leave. What should I do. Also the father is an drug addict. And doesn't believe it's his. Help please
12 years ago
hey im 17 years old and i just took a ovulation test and it came up with 1 faint line near the control bit does that mean im ovulating please HELP
12 years ago
i am 18 an my period is about 2 weeks late knowing my family they will not be supportive i wouldnt hear the end of it cause im suppose 2 b going college soon...idk if i am pregnant but i am getting symptoms tried a pregnancy test but it was negative idk what 2 do
12 years ago
Ok I'm 16 and am 7 weeks pregnant. I told my Aunt and my Grandma first and they both are being super supportive about it all. Last week, they made me tell my mum who is desperately trying to force me to get rid of it. The dad told me he wants nothing to do with me or the baby. My mum has also told me that I have to tell my dad by sunday or else she'll do it herself. I don't know what to do! I really want this baby. Please give me some advice
12 years ago