Twin and Multiple Births

Think you might be carrying twins? Not sure how you can tell if you're carrying twins? Our article on twin pregnancy symptoms will help you figure out how many buns you have in your oven. Also learn some interesting facts on different types of twins.  Are you carrying identical twins and what makes twins identical or not?  Find out more about how twins form in the uterus and about what happens during conception to create twins.  Did you ever wonder why some twins are conjoined?  Get the answers to your questions here.

Also get tips on staying comfortable during pregnancy while carrying more than one baby and about what to expect from a multiple baby delivery. For example, did you know that you have a higher risk of needing a c-section for delivery when carrying a multiple pregnancy than you do if you are carrying a single pregnancy?  Find out more about why this is and about what a c-section for a multiple baby delivery means for you and your baby.  Also find out about the risk of early delivery when carrying a multiple pregnancy and about how to minimize your risk of delivery too soon--before your baby's are ready for the world.  

Multiple Pregnancy

The multiple pregnancies story gives a valuable overview to all the extras that come along with having more than one baby at a time. Everything from nutrition to giving birth is discussed here. If you want more detailed information, then take a look at Birthing Twins. From delivering vaginally to potential complications that may arise during labor, this article will tell you everything you need to know. Also, Diet for Twins and Multiples will teach you more about eating right during this important time.  Get the advice you need for eating for three, or four, or five.

And if you're hoping to someday be a mom of twins or more, then take a look at Increasing Your Chances of Twins, which can give you some pointers on how to end up with two bundles of joy.  Find out how to increase your chances of birthing more than one baby at once.

Multiple Pregnancy Complications

As wonderful as twins and multiple births can be, they also come with their own set of unique pregnancy complications. One rare complication is conjoined twins

, which occurs in one out of every 400,000 births. Other complications that are specific to twins include twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, monoamniotic twins, and the death of one fetus. Learn more about these multiple pregnancy complications and about how to minimize your risk for any misfortune during your multiple pregnancy.



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my doctor just told me i am pregnant with twins. it was so shocking to see the two heartbeats on the ultrasound monitor. i wasn't planning for two babies. i am very happy but also a little concerned. this is going to be financially harder than i was anticipated because now i will need two of everything. and what happens with maternity leave? do i get extra time off? but will it be paid? how can i afford this?
13 years ago