Trying to Get Pregnant

Are you and your partner trying to get pregnant? Pregnancy-Info has all you need to know on how to improve your chances of getting pregnant!  Learn about how to time conception and know when you are ovulating and also get the scoop on all the tips and tricks for improving your chances at conceiving.  

Difficulty Getting Pregnant

There are many factors that can contribute to having problems getting pregnant. Some of these factors include lifestyle factors, sperm health and a woman’s age.  

Get Tips For Getting Pregnant

Learn about what elements could be affecting your chances of getting pregnant in our Why Can’t I Get Pregnant? section. Find out more about what you can do to improve your chances of pregnancy.

Making adjustments to your diet is one lifestyle change that is beneficial to individuals trying to get pregnant. Diet and fertility go hand in hand, so be sure to follow our healthy eating tips to improve your chances of conceiving.  Learn more about the types of food and drink that might actually be hindering your efforts to get pregnant and find out about the types of foods you should be eating during this exciting time. 

More and more, couples are turning to fertility supplements in order to get pregnant. Fertility supplements work by helping to balance hormones and can help couples become pregnant and serve as a compliment to a healthy diet. In addition, these recommended fertility aids, including ovulation tests and basal body temperature thermometers, can help you in your path towards getting pregnant.  Find out more about these many aids that can increase your chances of getting pregnant.  

For women over the age of 30, trying to get pregnant poses unique considerations. That means that fertility testing over 30 is crucial to ensuring that your body is healthy enough to support a pregnancy. Learn about what types of tests can help you prepare for pregnancy here.  Also find out more about genetic testing.

Birth Control And Pregnancy

While birth control pills have not been linked to fertility problems, some women have found that it takes longer for them to get pregnant after taking the pill. Learn about how the pill can affect your chances of getting pregnant in our The Pill and Pregnancy section.  However, it is good to know that most women who have taken the birth control pill have no problem getting pregnant within the first year after coming off the pill.

For women who want to get pregnant after undergoing tubal ligation surgery, tubal reversal can help women achieve this goal. Find out how soon you can become pregnant after undergoing tubal ligation reversal surgery.

And finally, if you’re aiming for a boy or a girl, follow the hints in our article on determining the sex of your baby.

If you need help trying to get pregnant check out FertilAid for Women And FertilAid for Men.

Get tips from experts at the mayo clinic for advice on how to get pregnant.

Discuss all your pregnancy questions with other women in the forum

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My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a while and started metformin and clomid last month. It may be wishful thinking but I feel different and am expecting my cycle to start soon. How soon could I take a pregnancy test!? This waiting game is torture!! Anyone been in this situation? How soon did you test with positive results?
11 years ago
I was wondering if anyone else has this problem too. I am about to start my second round of chlomid on saturday and the docs have given me my day 21 blood test results back and i did not ovulate on 1st round! I have been ttc for 1 and half years. I was wondering as i have very irregular periods some not at all, if i could still take my tablets as advised even with no period! And they will still take effect? has anybody got pregnant by doing this? thanks
11 years ago
hello need your period is soon to come, but last two weeks, i experienced pregnancy symptoms. like areoal is getting bigger, nipple so sensitive, head ache , cramping & spotting ,( Color brown & light pink) My boobs add 1 size..but now i dont feel that symptoms anymore ...3 negative HPT.. ..Pregnant or not ?? ...
11 years ago
Hello everyone, I am new to this site and my husband and I, whom I have been with for 5 1/2 years are ttc. I was in hope that some of you could give me a little info and help with my struggles at this point. In September of 2008 I started depo, I took three shots which ment I finished out in May of 2009, ( I did not have a period during this time, due to deop.) Then in may I was started on the pills. I took them for a month and stopped My husband and I between 2009 - 2011 (the year we got married) used the pull out method. After we got married in may 2011, we started ttc. I forgot to mention I did have normal periods BEFORE depo and since depo my periods have now slowly stopped. Anyway, From 2011 - 2012 we tried for a baby ourselves, NOTHING was working. Finally we went to our family doctor and she started me on metformin 500mg 2x's a day without doing any test to see if there could be anything else wrong with me. I thought to myself, this is a joke!?! and she was basically scamming me for money. So after finishing out 1 month of the metformin I realized I wasn't having a period, so we tought I was prego. WRONG. Nothing. I stopped taking the medicine and then now after 4 months of being off the medication I have not had a single period. No signs, no symptoms, NOTHING. We are extremely devistated and we have this 2 bedroom home that needs a baby girl or boy to fill one room!!! lol. If anyone has experience any of the following issues or knows something that could help please let me know. We are scheduled to see a OBGYN in January! Thanks
11 years ago
Hello, I need some help here please. I have been trying to get pregnant for 10 years, was pregnant last year and had a MC, my doctors put me clomid 50mg and this would have been my second month taking it. Last month I had a 28 day cycle, I started the second round of clomid on CD 4 which ended last week Wednesday. Two day into the treatment I started experiencing sore boobs, extreme hunger and frequent need to pee at nights. I ignore this thinking its normal did a HPT which was negative and finish the treatment. I am due for Ovulation between tomarrow and Friday and this morning I woke up feeling extremely ill, nausea, feeling like I need to vomit, dizziness and an overall weakness about the body. Tonight I feel really light headed and can hardly stand without the feeling of the floor wanting to me half way. I find it strange as this would be the 5th day since completion of the clomid treatment. Can someone tell me what is happening cause this could not be a sign of pregnancy this quickly, oh I BD this morning and my temp kept dropping since I took the last of the treatment and there is no sign of impending ovulation and my cervix is high, firm and medium with hot flashes in the night. Is this a sign of imbalance in the harmone and what can I do to correct it? I really need your help as I was unable to go to work today due to how I am feeling and this is freaking me out. Thanks
11 years ago