Trying to Get Pregnant

Are you and your partner trying to get pregnant? Pregnancy-Info has all you need to know on how to improve your chances of getting pregnant!  Learn about how to time conception and know when you are ovulating and also get the scoop on all the tips and tricks for improving your chances at conceiving.  

Difficulty Getting Pregnant

There are many factors that can contribute to having problems getting pregnant. Some of these factors include lifestyle factors, sperm health and a woman’s age.  

Get Tips For Getting Pregnant

Learn about what elements could be affecting your chances of getting pregnant in our Why Can’t I Get Pregnant? section. Find out more about what you can do to improve your chances of pregnancy.

Making adjustments to your diet is one lifestyle change that is beneficial to individuals trying to get pregnant. Diet and fertility go hand in hand, so be sure to follow our healthy eating tips to improve your chances of conceiving.  Learn more about the types of food and drink that might actually be hindering your efforts to get pregnant and find out about the types of foods you should be eating during this exciting time. 

More and more, couples are turning to fertility supplements in order to get pregnant. Fertility supplements work by helping to balance hormones and can help couples become pregnant and serve as a compliment to a healthy diet. In addition, these recommended fertility aids, including ovulation tests and basal body temperature thermometers, can help you in your path towards getting pregnant.  Find out more about these many aids that can increase your chances of getting pregnant.  

For women over the age of 30, trying to get pregnant poses unique considerations. That means that fertility testing over 30 is crucial to ensuring that your body is healthy enough to support a pregnancy. Learn about what types of tests can help you prepare for pregnancy here.  Also find out more about genetic testing.

Birth Control And Pregnancy

While birth control pills have not been linked to fertility problems, some women have found that it takes longer for them to get pregnant after taking the pill. Learn about how the pill can affect your chances of getting pregnant in our The Pill and Pregnancy section.  However, it is good to know that most women who have taken the birth control pill have no problem getting pregnant within the first year after coming off the pill.

For women who want to get pregnant after undergoing tubal ligation surgery, tubal reversal can help women achieve this goal. Find out how soon you can become pregnant after undergoing tubal ligation reversal surgery.

And finally, if you’re aiming for a boy or a girl, follow the hints in our article on determining the sex of your baby.

If you need help trying to get pregnant check out FertilAid for Women And FertilAid for Men.

Get tips from experts at the mayo clinic for advice on how to get pregnant.

Discuss all your pregnancy questions with other women in the forum

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hello, im 27 i was diagnosed with pcos in 2006 i just tried my first dose of clomid 5-9 cycle 50mg ive been trying with my partner for what seems forever did a lil research first i tried the metformin n birth control to regulate my period which it did but no baby so i searched a lil deeper founded out about clomid talk to my doc nhe confirmd it now this is where i am its only a week n 3 days so imma c what happens if any one can give me some tips like what can i take to help my chance other than prenatal vitamins
12 years ago
Hello Ladies Im new to this site so bear with Dr. prescribed 50mg of clomid to in 2010 I a little bit of cm and my 21 day check was low so this year she put me on 10mg provera which i am now taking and I have 3 more days of that left and 500mg twice a day of metformin and when my cycle start I will start 100mg of clomid days 5-9 I really hope this works I hate having pcos my fiancee and I have been together for 10 yrs and still no baby we are sooo ready so ladies please keep us in your prayers.. and good luck to yall also.. i will keep the updates comming..... did anyone have sucess in taking the same meds?
12 years ago
Hi all. I'm 24 and in December found out that I had had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks, it seemed like my body was determined to hold on to the pregnancy, I ended up having medical management as well as an ERPC! After the op we waited to ttc until first period, as advised, I had a period at 39 days. Second cycle round it has been 42 days and no period. I have had numerous negative tests, but have had pregnancy symptoms (sicky, backache, cramps, tired) and last couple of days I have had loads of CM, which I had last time round and got a positive test result. I am so confused, I feel pregnant, but have lost all faith in my body. Do I carry on waiting for period, or do I go to the docs. HELP!!
12 years ago
Hi from 1st starting my periods they have never been regular and would last the full 7 days when i did have 1, i went to the doctors and they sent me for a scan and found a cyst on one of my ovaries which they told me to come back after 6 week for another scan and it had gone they then told me that when a girl is due on her period they do get cysts so i then thought everything was fine, then getting with my boyfriend only 3 months into the relationship i got caught pregnant but at 4-5 weeks i had a m/c after that i started 2 bleed and loose big blood clots like when i had m/cd and would bleed for 2 weeks none stop then stop for 2-3 days that lasted for a few month, i have been back to the doctors and have asked to go for a scan which they have done this week and said one of my ovaries look bulky which could be PCOS but find out the results next week for def, i have seen on the internet that they is a thing called baby asprin to help get pregant would anyone be able to give me a bit of advice please xx
12 years ago
I'm 20 and got told i had PCOS at age 16. I never had regular periods they were usually every 4 to 5 months, I never let it bother me until my sister had a baby and i began to grow broody due to the fact that I had a paranioia that it was something I may not experience, it was as if I had convinced myself I was infertile before even trying. So I secretly came off the pill with my boyrfriend of 2 years. A year had passed and I still didn't fall pregnant. Considering my young age the fact that I just couldnt get pregnant, I became extremely anxious and unhappy with my life. Then at 15 months I ovulated (which I knew due to the egg white discharge and +opk) then 2 weeks later discovered I was pregnant!!! I guess it just took me time to get ovulating again after the pill, but obviously I dont ovulate as often as someone without PCOS, but the fact is, YOU STILL OVULATE! ANd if not naturally there is treatments to make you ovulate. I just felt like I should share this in case there is anyone similar to me who has convinced themselves they can't concieve, it does take time but it will happen.
12 years ago