Pregnant and Expecting Twins?

At Pregnancy-Info, we have recently expanded our section on multiple pregnancies with lots of interesting information on twin pregnancy symptoms, birthing twins, diet and more.

In fact, twins seem to be quite popular these days. Since 1980, the number of twin births has increased by 62%. Other multiple births, including triplets and quadruplets, have risen by 470%. Ever wonder why?

Firstly, more women than ever before are giving birth in their thirties – and women in this age group have a much higher chance of having twins than younger moms. The other reason is fertility therapies, including fertility drugs and in vitro fertilization. Did you know that 80% of triplet births in 1996 and 1997 were from fertilization techniques?

Are You a Twin Who Is Pregnant?
We know twin sisters who are pregnant at the same time?!

Meet Jennifer Ellis and Patty Stirling. These identical twins from Florida share a lot; they are both professional singers, songwriters and performers – and they are both pregnant! Jennifer is currently 33 weeks pregnant. Jennifer, who sings the blues, pop and jazz, will soon be soothing her own baby with her amazing voice. Patty is 22 weeks pregnant. She plays guitar, piano and pop rock and is also looking forward to being a mom.

These twins have a remarkable bond and now, with their pregnancies, their lives continue to be entwined in a very special way! One day, their babies will also share a wonderful bond! If you know of any special pregnancy stories, please let us know. Or, post your story on our brand new site!

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