Baby Names Starting With W

Wade Old English River Crossing
Waggoner German Wagon Maker
Walden Teutonic Mighty and Famous
Waldo Teutonic Powerful or Mighty
Walker Old English Occupation Name
Wallace Anglo Saxon Stranger
Walter Old German Powerful Ruler
Walton Old English Residence Name
Ward Teutonic Guardian
Ware Anglo Saxon Wary
Warner Teutonic Guarding Warrior
Warren Germanic Protective Friend
Washington Old English Residence Name
Waylen, Wayland Old English Land Near the Highway
Wayne Teutonic Wagon Maker
Webster Old English Weaver
Wendel Teutonic Wanderer
Wesley Anglo Saxon Man from the West
Weston Old English Residence Name
Whitlaw Old English From the White Hill
Wilbur Anglo Saxon Beloved Stronghold
Willard Anglo Saxon Great Bravery
William, Will Teutonic Determined Guardian
Willis **** Variant of Will
Wilmer Teutonic Beloved and Famous
Wilson **** Son of Will
Winslow Old English Hill of Victory
Winston Anglo Saxon Town of Victory
Winthrop Teutonic Residence Name
Wirt Anglo Saxon Worthy
Wolfe Teutonic A Wolf
Wolfram Teutonic Wolf-Raven
Woodley Old English Residence Name
Woodrow Old English Residence Name
Woodward Old English Forester
Worthington Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Wright Anglo Saxon Workman
Wyatt Old French Guide
Wylie Anglo Saxon Beguiling
Wyman Anglo Saxon Warrior
Wyndham Old English Residence Name
Wanda Slavic Vandal
Wenda Teutonic Wanderer
Wendy **** From Peter Pan
Wenona American Indian First Born Daughter
Whitney Old English Island
Wilda Anglo Saxon Forest Dweller
Wilhelmina Teutonic Resolute Protector
Willa Anglo Saxon The Desired
Willette Teutonic Resolute Protector
Willow English Symbol of Healing
Wilona Old English Desired
Winifred Teutonic Friend of Peace
Winona Native American First Born
Wynne Celtic Light Complexioned

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