Baby's Development: Week 37

Now that you are 37 weeks pregnant, your baby is considered full-term!

Final Touches
This week, baby will weighs almost 6 1/2 pounds (2859gm) but has not stopped growing just yet! In fact, she will continue to develop body fat and will gain about one half an ounce each day of your pregnancy. If you are expecting a boy, remember that, generally, boys tend to weigh more than girls at birth. You baby is now busy practicing her breathing. She can now respond to light and will turn towards it. She also has a fairly strong grip.

The position of your baby right now is, in most cases, the position that he will be in when you give birth. Try to make sure that everything is in order at home in case you need to rush off to the hospital. And check that you have everything you need for the hospital; once labor begins, you won't want your partner rushing home to forget an item that you really want. Plus, when things are organized, it helps you stay calm and focused.

Your Body's Getting Ready for Labor
Yo may find that your vaginal discharge is heavier now and you will also notice more cervical mucus in your discharge. This is a sign that your body is preparing for the coming labor. In fact, next week you could lose your mucus plug. When your cervix starts to dilate as it prepares for labor, the plug becomes discharged from your body. This 'plug' seals off your uterus, protecting it from infection as well as bacteria. The mucus plug or 'bloody show' is thick, yellow and could have a few tinges of blood on it. You can expect to lose it in a week or it could remain in place until a few days or even a few hours before labor. If you have any discharge, remember to tell your health care provider about it.

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