Does Castor Oil Really Work

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joanne - January 22

Hi, i'm 3 days overdue and getting really tired now i've heard that castor oil can help, Does anyone have any "experiance" from taking it?


lacy - January 22

I'm 36 weeks and tried it last night. it just gave me terrible diearea. and still no baby.


mrmxsmi - January 23

My best friend's cousin swears that it works, but has a horror story to go along with it! The only thing being pregnant and due myself (I work at a baby store), I've asked around and hear a lot of women complain about how uncomfortable and messy it can get, and how not only can it endanger the baby but that it's not the way you want to start labor, so I don't know that I would try it. I HAVE HEARD POSITIVE STORIES ABOUT IT BUT THEY ARE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN.


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

Well, everyone I know who used it said it worked great. Do you plan on taking it? I'd only do it if you were overdue. If you're not overdue then theres a reason your baby hasn't made his/her appearence yet.


Melanie - May 18

I am 38 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Today at 4pm I took 50 mL of castor oil in peach juice.----Nothing happened! I also tryed eating fresh pineapple---Nothing happened. I had s_x at 8pm , with nipple stimulation---Nothing happened!!!I'm guessing that you have to be some what dilated for anything to happen. I've tryed it all .So i guess i'll walk a mile tomorrow.....rightt!!


Kaz - May 18

I've heard this is dangerous. The baby ingest what you eat too. If it gives you the runs then it could give the baby the runs too. And it's not good for the baby to have a bowel movement in there.


Melissa - May 18

It worked for me. I took 1 oz with OJ and 12 hours later gave birth to my son. I was obviously ready though. I did have the runs and my labor was so fast I had the runs during the pushing stage. Not so pretty. But, it started things up for me and my labor was only 3 hours long (my third). You can try it, but don't take too much. I would only take 1 oz. If your ready it could work. Good Luck!


amy - May 23

yes, i took it with 2 of my kids and had them within 2 days


Cant Decide - May 24

Is 36 weeks to early to take castor oil to try to have my baby?


Angi - May 26

Why can't a woman have a v-bac after two succesfuls v-bacs, if everything is OK?


sandy - May 26

It will only work if you take about 2 ounces and walk, walk, walk. But be prepared to have some very uncomfortable "RUNS". If you do go into labor, don't be to embarressed if you end up c___ping all over the delivery table!!!! Good Luck!


yuck! - May 26

castor oil is the nastiest thing i've ever drunk in my life. i took it 2 days ago and no baby but very bad diarreah. i DO NOT recommend it.


Samantha - May 31

i have a cousin who drank castor oil with success.... that would be 7 hours later she was greeted by a beautiful and healthy baby girl. The bowel movements are inevitable but that was over by the time she went into labor. If you are brave enough to down it i recommend drinking only two ounces mixed with sprite.


Angie - May 31

i took castro oil and it worked.. i took 2 ounces w/ OJ .. i went n2 the hospital that day n had my baby boy the next night at 7:11 .. i did have a bowel movement but not while i was in labor.. i dont know exactly if it was the oil that dun it. or if he was jus ready.. good luck !! =]


Katie - June 1

It did not work for me. Just gave me really bad cramping.


Taz - June 1

My sister in law brought on her baby daughter with it. She was annoyed with her husband and gulped down a whole lote of it - only problem was she delivered practically at the hospital door (& the hospital was only 5 mins away from her house). Baby was fine although she did battle to breathe for a couple of days - just proving that her lungs were not entirely ready. Hope this helps...


rather not say - June 2

have s_x and when your finished have more. It worked with me with my first.



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