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J - July 12

I have noticed much more cellulite on my thighs and butt since I have been preg. I do squats and walk nothing seems to help. Does anyone know if this will go away after you have the baby?


same - July 13

same here , i want to know that,oh i feel so bad i m walking 1 hr almost 3-4 days a week but its still the same may be increasing also, so worried , my DH says donot worry, it will go after delivery, u can workout. hmmmm lets see,


e - July 14

i've been working alot too, and i noticed the cellulite as well. i'm hoping it will go away when i can go back to my higher intensity workouts!


Kel - July 14

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one noticing this. I'm actually freaking out about it.Prior to becoming pregnant I was in the best shape of my life. I still work out 6 days a week, but naturally not nearly as intense as I used to. I thought continuing with cardio and liftinf for my arms and shouldes would help keep my body in somewhat good shape. Lately I'm just so frustrated. I.m due September 19 and I'm already trying to find exercises that will really help tone up my thighs and b___t. Any advice would be helpful. I guess gaining weight and cellulite is just part of the process but it is still bothersome.


Yuck - July 18

Im in the same boat! I absolutely hate it. Im getting it on my thighs and b___t. I walked on a high incline every day and nothing seems to make it disappear. KT


peed off - August 18

mine ddnt go after pregnancy dont know why, sometimes it will sometimes it wont depends on the person i suppose and wether you inherited it from your mum,


Jen - August 18

I got more during my 1st preg. It got a little better afterwards. I'm preg again and its coming on worse. I got this cellulite cream from WalMart, Healing Garden brand and it has really helped. Its really cheap, only $5 per bottle that lasts about a month. I noticed results in 1wk. If I stop using it for a week it starts to come back though. Its been great using it this summer cause I have been able to wear shorts and not worry about it. Its not a permanent fix but I would recommend it.


amanda - September 29

what also works great is that new loreal day and night cellulite solution. there's two bottles, both about 12 bucks but really worth it. If you put it on with those round cellulite ma__sagers, that look like plastic loofahs, they work really good but you have to use lotions or those loreal products when you use that plastic cellulite ma__sager or it hurts. You can also ma__sage on your stretchmark creams with that and it revs up your lymphatic system that causes cellulite and stretch marks so you can kill two birds with one stone. I spent $900 on a cellulite system recently that didn't do a thing and then I started doing this for like 25 bucks and cellulite's gone. Hope this helps!


wanda - November 5

I am 10 weeks pregnant and this is my 1st pregnancy. I used body shape in the past and worked great after a month or two. I looked like a model, it was gone 100%. I didnt have that much. Now that I really need it it doesnt seem to work. I never looked so horrible ever! cellulitis is everywhere!!! I hope it goes away after birth :(


LRK - November 10

Yes, I am there too. At 29 weeks, it does not matter as much, since the belly is more distracting than the thighs. I just want to say be careful of some of those creams--they can contain caffeine and other chemicals that can make you dehydrated.


alicia mccartney - July 20

I was once had my cellulite in my butt and thighs.
Ive tried everything and was deeply frustrated cause it has not
worked out. The JOEY ATLAS program works quickly and allowed my skin to
stay smoother, tighter and sexy forever. I should recommend this
to everyone..:)
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BettyBailey - March 1

Regular exercise and proper diet helps to reduce cellulite.



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