44 Pregnant And Alone

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anonymous99 - August 17

Thank you for your well wishes. I am about 41. Me and hubby have only had about 4 to 5 good timings. Also I think doctors have to change the, 'if you're not pregnant after 6 months see an RE'. You conceived your new arriving child after over a year of giving birth. And my mom too, she conceived me after 17 months of giving birth to me. Obviously my mom and you are fertile. Thank you for your good wishes. Do you take prescribed progesterone? Lots of prune juice is great for constipation.


homegirl - August 19

Hi Julie I am 43 and would be 44 in October.I have 2 sons age 20 and 18.I have been married almost 1year now and has no children for my husband. I had a miscarriage in January of this year, and is still trying again,so congratulations and I wish you all the best.Regardless of your age children always thinks their parents are old anyway.Hope things work out fine for you.


Sonrisa - August 20

Hi Julie..I teach in a prep school and most of the mothers of my students had their child later in life. Children don't care. They just need a loving parent. It is interesting to me that most of my students' parents are in their late 40 and 50;s. I teach third-fifth grade. I child is a blessing. You don't know why you were blessed with such a great gift. Keep your baby.


seastar - October 4

Hi Julie, I am 44 and could be pregnant as I am late and will be taking a test to find out tomorrow. I do have custody of my 3 grandchildren 3, 4 and 5 and the 5 year old is in first grade. His teacher was shocked I was his grandmother and said I looked young most people think I am the mother of the kids. I see many women who pick up their children at the school and very many are in their 40's and its something that is really not even noticed, at least where I am from here in so. California. 44 I think is still relatively young. CONGRATULATIONS :) on your pregnancy. Take care, Loretta


alexandra166 - February 4

Im 45 and 6 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend, age 42,has threatened to break up with me because I'm seriously considering keeping it. I am surprised I conceived, so it's really crushing to have a non supportive man as the father. Although neither of us needs more children(we have two each), once you see that heartbeat, it's hard to think about terminating. I know it would be hard and I know I would end up doing it alone(although he says he would pay his share). Has any one gone through this?


Lisa.a - June 14

Hi Julie,

I just saw your post and wanted to get in touch with you. I'm in a similar situation. I'm 42 and 8.5 weeks pregnant. I'm single and my family is overseas. I live in Wellington, so sadly not too close to you. And like you, I'm looking for support from someone who understands. I'm just as scared and I think we could help and support each other. Let me know if you would like to get in touch and I'll send you my contact details


Monicaplusthree - October 1

Hello Julie. It appears we are sailing on the same ship of being pregnant, in our forties, and single. I recently decided to end my relationship with my boyfriend of nearly two years when he made it very clearly he wants nothing to do with this child and checked out on our relationship the day he found out.  From past experience I have learned trying to make it work with a man just because you're pregnant doesn't work. He has two late teenaged children from a previous marraige as do I (although my youngest is but eight years old). Knowing how much I love and adore my children I couldn't imagine terminating this one. I'm scared and truthfully do not want to be a single mother, at my age and in this stage of life. It's taken a bit of self love and believing in myself (which is difficult to currently do) to finally find the joy and be excited about this baby. I find the support and love I garner from my friends and family to be my life saver. I hope you find your tribe to extend that support to you. I believe in you and it's time to start feeling blessed. You will do what it takes to be an amazing mother nary a regret. Have faith in yourself and much love to you and your baby.


thingo - October 28

Hi Julie, 

Congrats on your pregnancy. J is correct, Im one of those who envy you...I'm 41 yrs and desperately ttc. All my life I was hoping to have a husband before I have a baby but reality is different for me. Im still single and hoping for a baby. I dont think I'm ready to be a single parent but I cant change my reality.  Thank you for posting your message because it gives me hope.

Wishing you well with your pregnancy. 


Ka-lly - October 9

Hi Julie and all,

I am 44 and found out today that I’m pregnant. I didn’t tell no one including my boyfriend. I’ve been divorced for many years, after my divorce I had one long term relationship and fell pregnant. It wasn’t the he right time and not the right person too. I unfortunately had a termination. It was his first and immediate reaction . This decision although right for me still  hunts me. I wouldn’t do it again. I have no idea what’s going to happen to me, I am not scared yet but I know it’s going to be tough when I tell my partner. I know you might be thinking that I am stupid for putting myself on this situation again, and I know I am, but deeply inside I feel this is a blessing for me to correct My mistake.

So Julie be strong and brave, it’s a blessing.




naomimatias90 - November 3

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italyman - November 17

Good morning,
I am an Italian boy, recently moved to your country with my family and I speak little English.

I am the son of a 37-year-old woman, a new husband (whom I had to accept) after my father's death, and now the biggest problem is my mother's pregnancy.

I am an only child and I am 18 years old and I do not want any other brothers. I'm angry, I do not want to share anything and my mother say that I have to see the good side.

It's nice to have a little brother or sister! This will help to mature, that are choices of the couple and not of the children and that my behavior is very childish.

For my mother I am childish and self-centered.

Everything revolves around her, her sexuality and her dream of a family extended to 37 years, without attention and respect towards me.

I am really desperate, do not want siblings at home, but my mother say that she does not give up the desire to receive the love of other children

Your happy children have other brothers?

Thank you



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