Continuation of previous pregnancy symptoms:

  • Leg cramps may become more frequent.
  • The increased pressure of your growing baby on the veins of your rectum may cause or worsen your hemorrhoids. You might also be constipated which will worsen your hemorrhoids. Try to avoid hemorrhoids by drinking lots of fluids and eating plenty of whole grains, raw or cooked leafy green vegetables, and fruits. Try not to strain for bowel movements, and always talk with your health care provider before taking a laxative.
  • Dry, itchy skin may persist, particularly on the abdomen, as the skin continues to grow and stretch.
  • Skin pigmentation may become more apparent, especially dark patches of skin on the face.
  • Heartburn may worsen as your baby gets bigger and your uterus pushes on your stomach. Remember to avoid greasy and fried foods and eat six to eight smaller meals instead of larger meals.
  • Increased white-colored vaginal discharge (leukorrhea) which may contain more mucus.
  • Backaches may persist and increase in intensity. Try using a support girdle to relieve any back pain.
  • Varicose veins in the legs may persist and increase in severity. Visit our varicose veins website for tips on getting rid of them!

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