Are Epidurals Painful

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michamum - June 9

I went through labour until I was about 9cms dilated, and then I had the epidural, because I was in so much pain and exhausted with the contractions, the epidural was like heaven! It was very effective for me.


babii_boo91 - June 10

i didnt feel it, The contractions where way worse although my bf said it almost made him vomit lol (he doenst like needles)


imillarti09 - July 24

so, i just found out I am 4 weeks pregnant.. I am very excited but all I can think about is labor, delivery, and the epidural. I can handle a reasonable amount of pain although I have no idea what labor feels like. I am terribly afraid of needles. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about a needle that size going into my back. Has anyone else been this nervous about it? Was the epidural what you expected or was it less. I can not wait to be a mother but this is making me very nervous.. HELP please!!


kimberly - July 24

Imillarti09, I have 3 babies and I have had 2 epidurals. One with my second and one with my third, my first epidural hurt really bad going in, almost worst than my labor pains, he had to insert it several time to get in into place. But,second epidural was a piece of cake and so worth it. I didn't feel anything except a tingling feeling down my leg. I was very numb and confortable and able to push still. I think it depends on your anthesiaologist that does the epidural and how bad it hurts. Most women say it didn't hurt, only draw back for me the second time was I couldn't move around the room or even move in my bed. I was so sick of just laying thier with all the IV's and catheders and all.


charlieworld - August 21

I have had two epidurals for two births. They didn't hurt at all. There was a shock sensation in my leg with the first one which is a normal reaction. This didn't hurt, it just made my leg jump up in the air! Try not to worry about them. They are there to help, but if they make you anxious, then it is counterproductive?


kristinapurifoy - October 14

well with my daughter whose now 3 I have a csection with and had to have an epidural with and honestly epidural was the best feeling ever I didnt feel a thing because the contractions was the worse for me


les706 - November 4

I was extremely terrified of the epidural. I am a baby when it comes to needles and I was more afraid of the epidural than the actual labor. Well I made it to 6cm and barely felt my contractions. I was on pitocin and they increased the pitocin and within 10 minutes the pain became unbearable. So I asked for the epidural and was shaking as they gave it to me. Honestly I totally psyched myself out for nothing. It took literally about 5 minutes and the worst pain is the numbing needle (just a sharp sting) and l barely felt the epidural going in except for a weird sensation that they call a funny bone feeling that only lasted a second. I was afraid it would hurt to lay on my back after I got it but it didn't. Didn't hurt to get it taken out either. The only real pain I had was a sore back for a couple days after but it was well worth the relief of the pain.



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