Pregnant In College

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mel - April 10

i think you need to tell them, my brother and his GF were in the same position and my bro's GF's dad does hate him and the fact that she got pregnant, but the baby is born now, and he love that kid so much, he will get over it and realize you are still his little girl and that a baby you made must be precious PS dont drop out, you can get funding and scholarships to help you with school


B - April 14

Im 19 and a second year college student. 10 weeks ago I found out i was pregnant and I didn't know what to do. My boyfriend and I decided to have an abortion 7 weeks ago. And I can't get the fact I let my baby go off my mind. All I have to say to the ppl looknig for options just think about how you will feel and the life you want. Im not saying to do it or not just think and don't rush into it like I did. But your life will NOT go back to how it was before I don't think my life will ever be the same. But I know i wasn't ready and that i have grown from the situation. If you do have one prepare for a battle becuase it is possible it will scar you for life but you have to be able to be strong and know God is a forgiving God that knows what you can handle.


Amy - April 19

wow! There are a lot of difficult situations on here. I can relate to many of you. I had my daughter the summer after my freshman year in college. It was not easy but it is definitely not the end of your life. I still managed to finish college in 4 years total with two majors and in the top of my cla__s. I then went on to do my Masters degree and now I work as a director of a pregnancy center on a college campus!! First, Kate I would suggest NOT quitting school. I agree with precious women who said it would be difficult to go back. If you have to take a little time off around the time the baby is born, that is not the end of the world. I agree that independent study courses can be great for keeping on track but they can be difficult in your last couple of years. If you can find them...go for it though. Finishing college is really important and if you don't you could seriously end up regretting it or even being bitter about your child. There are a lot of financial opportunities for pregnant and parenting students. Medicaid is available in most states for pregnant women and the babies once they are born and as a student you will most likely qualify. Also, many states have free or reduced cost child care programs to help you fund that expense while you are in school. There are also a lot of federal and privately funded programs for scholarships and grants for money for school. If your parents aren't having to support your school financially they might be able to help out in other ways. Also, if you and your boyfriend are really going to get married, then it is ok to allow him to support you guys while you finish school because it is really important that you do so. YOur local crisis pregnancy center will be able to help you find resources in your community. As for your parents, telling them will be difficult but you never know how supportive they will be. I told my mom in a restaurant so she wouldn't make a scene. It worked. Both my parents wanted me to do an adoption plan but were supportive when I made the decision to parent and they have never looked back. Grandpa couldn't love his grand daughter more. I hope all this helps and if you have any more questions just ask and I will try to respond. B- I just wanted to let you know that your local pregnancy center will have information on Post abortion stress and getting help. It sounds like you are really struggling with your decision and there are people who can help you. Call 1-800-395-HELP Blessings All


Gabby - April 25

I found out I was pregnant the summer before my senior year of college. I am continuing with school, eventhough it has been hard. I had the worst morning sickness for the first 6 months of pregnancy and it was difficult to go to cla__s without vomiting everywhere. I went away for college and I finished the fall semester and now am taking courses to finish the spring semester at home. The courses don't transfer as full credit to my university so that means it will take me longer (summer school) to finish the degree. I am now 39 weeks and taking finals lol. It's not that big of a deal. I would find a support system to help you out during your pregnancy and after the birth. If the baby's father won't help with childcare or your parents there are govt programs and non profit organizations that will help you get vouchers for childcare so that you can go to school. Worried about finances? There are programs that can help you get formula and food for your baby, baby furniture, medical insurance, even a car seat! I would visit your local WIC office in your area and see what is available to you. Go to the local yellow pages and look up any Catholic or Christian charities that offer pregnancy resources. You don't have to be of that faith for them to help you. Do your research on the internet by googling "pregnancy resources". You'll find many organizations willing to help mothers in need. Hope that helps. I'm struggling too with you :)


kim - April 28

I am 19 and will be continuing my four year degree next winter after my baby is born in August, i was wondering if anyone knew where i need to apply for childcare help and help in getting my education for cheaper???


Allah Patricia Bissahoyo - May 19

I am in a similar situation where my man is 21 and I am 20 with 2 years of college left. Anyhow I have not had the baby yet but we will try to work around each when the baby comes which is a little before my junoir year. My advice is to stay in school, because a baby should not stop your goals, and money should not be the main issue it should be the futrue of your life.


Re: Kim - May 19

Kim there are a lot of resources out there. How to receive them depends on your state. You may need to go to Social Services. They often help with medical and child care issues and if they don't they will know someone who can. Also look for a Crisis pregnancy center in your area. They have already done the work to find all the resources in your area and can help you through the process. Good luck and may you be blessed.


Kerry - May 22

Stay in school and try work from home if you can or just on weekends. i am in the same situation and am planning on working at home for a couple hrs a week. It actually doesnt pay to work as you have to pay for full time daycare and it pretty much cancels out what you'ed be making without a degree anyway.


Courtney - May 30

I'm in college too, and about to have my baby in 5 short weeks. I only have 3 semesters left to finish my BA. If i were you i would go ahead and finish... There is finiancial aid available that will make it easier to go to school with a baby, and you'll have some left over to contribute to the bills, plus school wont take as much time as a job would from your son/daughter, and you'll be getting a degree so that you can provide for them alot better in the future... Besides just think how proud your baby will be to think that you were doing all this for them.


secret - June 2

I'm also pregnant but a lot younger actually 18. It was a complete surprise i never thought that i would or that i even could sometimes now im ruining everyones life around me . My mom is going to be hurt financially and emotionaly , the father is stopping college, my siblings are dissappointed and this baby isnt going to be born in a fair situation. I really messed up and i cant think of any other options than raising the child . I Do Not believe in abortion at all , adoption is to hard but its not fair to bring a child in a world like this, whatever i choose there will be pain and it will effect the rest of my life


April - June 2

Secret... you should try looking into government programs... if you are in the US.. contact your local a__sistance (welfare) office and see what they can do to help you... if you're low or no income you can most likely get medicaid (pays for all or most of your medical bills), WIC (buys some of your food), cash a__sistance... things like that.. this baby doesn't have to cause pain for your family... you can even get help with college tuition since you are technically a single mother (not married, right?) I know someone in my area (PA) who goes to college for free through Trehab.. they even pay for a babysitter for her kids.. and some of the fees for books and gas to get to cla__s and back... I would just check into your local government and see what services they offer... you might be surprised.


Been There, Done That! - June 7

I am a single-parent, got pregnant at 21 and my parents were helping me too. However, I told them about the situation, continued to go to College and worked part-time. I was able to finish my degree by the time my child was 5. Don't quit school! You'll never go back. Kids require more of your time, the older they get. I know, my son is now 15. Go to and read about my life called, Pregnant, Afraid, and Alone! (You'll find that flipped out parents are the least of your problems)


can't - June 9

I feel that the best thing for you to do is stay in college. Your boyfriend is out of school and has a decent job, ok so you can't shop at baby gap every day! So what, at least you'll be able to give that baby the future that it deserves. Stay in school, it will be tough, but worth it at in the end.


GG - June 10

If it's at all possible, STAY IN SCHOOL.


hope - June 10

honey, my own college kicked me out because i was a single pregnant student. They were a catholic inst_tution. I did not want to stop my studies and felt no reason to do so, so i enrolled in another university. Kate, you have your partner supporting, your parents love, and the opportunity to still go to school. I don't think you have too much to worry about darling!


Emily - July 26

Stay in School! I just found out I am pregnant. I just finished two a__sociate degree programs and I am enrolled fulltime to start working on my bachelors in the fall. I am even going to try to do the spring semester- when I am due. I am scared and worried that I won't be able to do it, but I am going to try as hard as I can because I know that is what is best for me and the baby in the long run. I am also worried about the stigmatism of being an unmarried young parent at the college, which is affiliated with the presbyterian church and my mom works there. Reading the experiences of others through this forum has been really helpful. I am not going to let anything stand in the way of my dreams. I am going to chase them as hard as I can until I succeed because this is what I want my child to do in their life. I also have not told my parents yet, but I hope they will be supportive. I wish you the best. Be pa__sionate about your decision, and remember that doing this for yourself is also doing it for your baby.



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